The Ascension/Paradise Timeline

 As a Cosmic Shaman I am tasked by Spirit to assist in making sure the Ascension/Paradise timeline continues. I do this by holding a vibration of Love on the planet. What is the Ascension/Paradise timeline and why is it important to you?

First, a timeline is a potential trajectory on which humans are and will travel on. It is a path, a direct experience of moving away from a path of mesmerization with the physical, sensual, ego-driven third dimensional Matrix to a fifth dimensional reality that is the experience of unconditional Love for self and other-self. In the Ascension/Paradise timeline there is no sixth human mass extinction known commonly as Armageddon. 

This is important to you as the real depth of the Ascension/Paradise timeline is to retrieve your soul so that you and collective humanity are no longer fragmented on the bellicose Armageddon timeline; that you are one with the purer aspects of Creation. You perceive Love as the ultimate reality.

What this essentially is, on a deeper level, is a healing of the original cause of the spiritual pain(s) you feel  so you no longer dwell on them any longer. Those who choose to continue on the Armageddon timeline are still hovering over an old wound, an inner crucifixion. Those still on the Armageddon timeline are being asked to find a new flight path, a new journey on the Ascension/Paradise timeline, a journey back to Eden to recover their original Divine nature. That nature is the Self that NEVER LEFT THE GARDEN OF EDEN...who still speaks to the rivers, to the trees, and to God. When they return to Eden, they will be whole again.

Ascension means entering and functioning in more refined realms. 


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