Be Careful Of This Spiritual Trap

In my formative years, before I consciously stepped onto my own wisdom path, I was beset by low self-worth. Even though I had a four year Bachelor of Arts degree, had studied the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Shintoism, the American Book of the Dead, I continued to doubt myself and was stuck in the cognitive and spiritual trap of comparing myself to others to measure my own sense of self-esteem and worth. It felt like a dark place to me.

So, I am sharing this experience to admonish you to be careful of the cognitive and spiritual trap of measuring yourself by others’ achievements, comparing yourself to other-self. Doing this, I found, is the height of the ego identification. It’s a dark trap.

How can I help you manage to avoid these traps? I can help you by sharing my experience and tell you unabashedly that it is not important to compare yourself in different timelines to yourself in another moment. It is not important to identify your worthiness by comparison to another. Doing so is a process the lower ego uses to ‘feel’ more important. Your Higher Ego accepts itself as is at all times. Everyone is different from other beings based on levels of awareness, yet, all is ‘one’ in the eyes of the Creator. 

YOU are unique...on every level. Don’t allow your smaller ego to push you into the spiritual trap of low self-worth. 


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