There Is God And Not The Way Most People Believe Or Not Believe In

Through years of experience in the spiritual realm, I have discovered that I am a messenger of the Divine. While that statement is quite a thing to assert in our hyper-religious Earth environment., it’s not what you think (more on that in another blog and by the way, all humans are messengers of the Divine with many not aware of it) and through being a so-called messenger of the Divine, I have been made aware that God is not how human religions represent God. What did I find out God is and why is it not the way most people believe or not believe it is?

What I found out God is being a messenger of the Divine is that God is man minus ego. What does that mean? It means that God is a BEINGNESS that has the attributes imbued in humans: intelligence. Love, creativity, imagination, energy, manifestation, unlimited, mystery, the mystical, and abundance. These qualities, these aspects are God and found in humans. God of itself does not have what humans call a persona, psyche, ego. God just is. God is everything. 

The reason God is not the way most believe or not believe it is is because humans have made God in its own image of being the same emotional, mental, physical being that humans are. God is both Manifest and Unmanifest at the same time and has no sensual component out of physical form like human have. God can be seen on Earth as everything yet a part of it cannot be seen and that is its mystery.

 To be a messenger of the Divine is to simply be capable of being both in physical form as human and in the Unmanifest mystery of Spirit/God at the same time. I am able to live in a sensual body while also being attuned to the intuition from a God. I don’t perceive God as a man, woman, thing or it. I feel God as a BEINGNESS. That BEINGNESS is both inside me and outside me.


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