Your Physical Body IS Your Soul

In the millennia that I have been on many soul paths on many planets, I have to say that the most revelatory realization is that my bodies ARE my soul. What does that mean and why is it important to live this revelation?

What it means that my bodies are my soul is that, for one thing, I am not separate from my soul. It’s me. My physical body is a “projection” of my soul or realized a different way, my body is my soul’s energy slowed down so I can capture its movement from point A to point B realizing I am exactly who my soul planned me to be and that I simply have to take action on that plan. The importance of this revelation cannot be overstated or overemphasized. Why?

Living AS your soul cannot be overstated because it is the single most important reason for a human incarnation, a human life, I have found. In realizing I am my soul, I was able to connect with it in myself and others and realize my life’s mission, my purpose for being here reflected in my soul’s choice of my persona/psyche/ego and what I was here to accomplish through this persona.

I came to see that my body and Earth are the physical playgrounds of my soul and that my soul takes the lead in my being here. My body is in service to my soul and my most important job is to listen to my soul while at the same time, informing my soul through my five senses that my perception may be in an aware relationship with my soul, that is, I am mindful what I am “feeding” my soul. To me, this material/spiritual relationship is a necessary ingredient for satisfaction and fulfillment in human life.


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