What is Your Experience When You’re A Cosmic Being With A High Level Of Awareness?

 It is the new year and as a Blue Ray Being, I am being called by Spirit to speak. My sharing today, my speaking in written form, is of the experience in body that I have as a Cosmic Being with a high level of awareness. What does this mean and why is it important for 2021?

What it means to be a Cosmic Being with a high level of awareness is that I can see deeper into many realities. To clarify, I am clairvoyant to the degree that my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual senses are much more heightened, sensitized and acute than the human who chooses to have a narrow and limited scope in their awareness. I see into everything way beyond the confined three-dimensional physical reality  most people experience. My abilities include seeing disembodied beings of all kinds, hyper-empathy, prophetic dreams, second sight, Major manifestation abilities and much more. I live on a level of knowing things before they happen. My intuition is sharp. I am a Light and Sound Healer. Why this is important for 2021 is because this is the year of big change and revelation. 

Many important truths will be revealed including the truth of COVID-19’s origins, etc. it will be important for all humanity to expand its awareness to make the necessary changes to where we are going as a human collective on Earth. I can tell you unequivocally that it is not a conservative agenda, it is not about a regressive movement. It is not about an agenda that keeps people down. The great upheaval we will see in 2021 will be about changes for humanity for the better. 

So, get ready. Start expanding your awareness to be able to change with the times that YOU may experience the coming expansion of peace, Love, abundance, tolerance, compassion and kindness that will prevail on Earth. 


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