Humanity’s Spiritual Ache

 A question that I recently asked my Higher Self was, “What is humanity’s as well as my greatest spiritual ache as I have experienced?” The answer came quickly and clearly: Lack of appreciation!

What does this mean and how can we change it? I have found that many people say they appreciate this and that but I don’t believe they do since I find that they (myself included) take things, people, circumstances and opportunities for granted. To me, this lack of appreciation where everything is taken for granted is humanity’s greatest Spiritual Ache as it leaves most of us remorseful and filled with regret when that thing or person is no longer here. What is the basis for this lack of appreciation and taking things for granted? 

It seems to me from my experience with myself and others that humanity’s Spiritual Ache of regret from lack of appreciation comes from the misguided notion that things and people will live forever and we can treat them however we want since they’ll always be around. Physical things including people have an end date, I’m afraid.

I have discovered that accepting this reality of an end date to everything in the here and now opens my awareness to the sacredness of the thing or person in my life and by treating them as sacred in an everyday way of being grateful for them, I have a deeper experience that is more satisfying and does not allow me to take them for granted. I see them as precious things, as important things, beings. 

This attitude, I find, eliminates my Spiritual Ache as I live with no grievances and I live in the now in a mindfulness that makes me rich inside. Rich in the space I create that is me.


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