How Spirit Views Conspiracy Theories

In my life I have been brainwashed by religious cults, learned  how to slough off limiting beliefs, learned how to think for myself, learned discernment, wisdom, personal power and learned how to gain control of my mind, my thoughts and feelings. I have a degree of mastery over those now. Since I have gained a level of mastery over my mind, I have experienced connecting with a deeper level of my being which is the level of Spirit. I find this connection extremely important. Why is this connection with Spirit so important for today?

This connection with Spirit is important for today because we live at a time when conspiracy theories have taken over critical thinking. While humans do bad things, no giant, global, governmental, Elite, rich societal plot to manipulate the human population can ever work. Why? Conspiracy theories can never completely work because humans are born with free will and it is people’s choice what they want to believe and from my experience, in connecting with Spirit, Spirit views conspiracy theory thinking as irrational fear. F.E.A.R. FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Spirit does not prefer humanity’s to go down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory thinking. While Spirit does not prefer that Humans go down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory thinking, it really doesn’t care but it will prevent humans from blowing up the planet.

While humans need some level of fear to survive, Spirit acknowledges that conspiracy theories are irrational F.E.A.R. Buying into and propagating conspiracy theories is a perceptual creation of a world that the people who believe in them create. It’s a creation. A delusional creation. There is a true conspiracy out there and here is what it is. (To be continued).

The real conspiracy that humans use against themselves is to distain the Law of Karma that brings back to one the exact behavior one perpetrated on another, good or bad. To treat others without any understanding of Karma is the true voting against one’s interests. We must do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Doing otherwise is conspiratorial against oneself and that, my friends is delusional.


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