Honor And Decency Are High Vibrations

 In my life, I have found that behaving with honor and decency in all situations is a high vibrational reality that brings untold benefits to oneself and others. The great thing about evincing honor and decency in life is that anyone can do it. It doesn’t cost money and you don’t have to have a lot of money to show honor and decency. What is one way you can show honor and decency?

I have found that the one central way of showing honor and decency in one’s life is to behave in a way where you make a situation better than it was before you were a part of it. I have experienced that when you make things better, greater, happier, more enjoyable and more appreciated than they were before you participated in them, it raises the level of collective goodness in the world while also bringing you more peace, abundance and happiness. How do you do this?

In my experience, the way to make things better through your participation in them is to care not only about yourself but about others. To always apply the concept, “Not for myself alone.” It’s thinking more about what you give to a situation than what you take, what you can get out of it. Surely one must think of oneself in all things AND also think of the other. 

To leave a situation better than how you found it is to me another Golden Rule of life. It is the true Midas touch that brings gold to not only yourself but to everyone around you!


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