Collective Transition State Of Consciousness

 From my experience of observing our current individual and collective trauma right now, I am sharing with you to be aware that we are in a collective transition state of consciousness created by chaotic nodes engendered by the global pandemic, crashing economies, mass death, volcanos, hurricanes, fires, climate change, political chicanery and upheaval. What this causes is our habitual perceptual markers to be in a pace where they can no longer apprehend our familiar reality. We are in a null point where what was and what will be are gone. How do we navigate this transition state of consciousness and come out alive, well and whole?

What I have found to be the best way forward out of a null point is to be patient, calm, positive and creative. It is imperative to face the disturbing feelings we are feeling being in this null point, accept what is, determine your own thoughts and beliefs and stay vigilant to the positive signs and positive activities that will guide you out of this null point. 

Here is an example of a positive activity that I did that helped to ease the panic of being in this null point. I created a family ZOOM meeting where each of the 12 participants told one funny and one sad story about a parent or sibling. We all laughed and cried and not only had a catharsis but also a deeper family connection that made us realize that we are all in this null point together. It provided us with an opportunity to appreciate and be grateful for the people in our lives and what they taught us and meant to us.

My family members loved  the hour and forty-five minutes we spent together and I got several calls and texts about how much they enjoyed the stories. 

This was a way to break the fever of the null point and ground ourselves in the here and now and be thankful for what we have. In this way, we can feel comforted in dealing with this null point, not feeling so alone.


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