2021. A Year Of Change And Revelation

I found the chaotic node of 2020 to challenge my mastery over my self. I had to renew and refresh my knowledge of my ability to have emotional, mental, physical, soulful and spiritual control over my self. I am intuiting that this chaotic node will continue for a while and it’s themes seem to be great change and revelation. Why am I telling you this?

I share my findings with you to help prepare you for the changes and reveals that will take you way out of your comfort zone and I mean even more than you are now and to prepare you to shift your perspective in order to see and better handle these coming changes and revelations for they are opportunities for greater fulfillment and not as fear vortexes to slide into. 

How can you see great change and greater truth being revealed as opportunities? I have always found great change and hearing truths I didn’t want to hear as uncomfortable, difficult, stressful and bothersome. At this juncture of my mastery, I realize that great change and uncomfortable truths are opportunities to mature and grow as I also use discernment to discover how I can best navigate in, around and through new realities and paradigms that I am not used to and that I know are truly valid after insightful living in them. 

The themes of change and revelation are extremely important themes for 2021 and I suggest you take them to heart and open yourself up to new possibilities. If you don’t, you’ll be left behind in a paradigm of resentment, frustration and recrimination. 


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