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What Is The Wisdom Path?

I asked myself, “What is the wisdom path, really?” The answer that I see is that the wisdom path is both a way of perceiving AND an actionable way of behaving. What do I mean by this? I see the wisdom path as a metaphorical path on which a person walks a perceptual level of seeing reality as a direct mystical awareness as in the awareness of Spirit, God, The All That Is, Creator-Source. At the same time we are walking the wisdom path perceptually, we are taking physical actions on these perceptions. For example, the wisdom path is a path of heart, of the soul and I have found the soul’s message on the wisdom path to be that IT is my true essence, not my persona, psyche or ego. My soul continues to tell me that IT is my Divine Guidance and when I listen to it, it will direct me in only the best ways for myself. As a result of knowing my soul is Divine Guidance, I take the positive, non-harmful actions IT encourages me to take AND I take action on it.  This is the connection that I have

We humans On Earth Are Living In An Intelligent, Responsive Playground

From my connection with Divine Guidance, I have been guided to understand that this Earth reality is a “playground,” in a sense, where we humans incarnate into an alive, intelligent, responsive, creative matrix/program in order to be divinely guided by all that is in this playground including ourselves and others. How do I know this and what does it mean for you? I know that this matrix we humans are in is alive, intelligent, responsive and creative because from my years being on the wisdom path, I have learned to consciously watch, listen, witness, perceive, interact with and decode what this Earth reality is telling me, is guiding me to and away from. I have discovered that the so-called Universe talks to us humans if we care to listen. How does the Universe talk to us humans? In addition to psychic phenomena including human intuition, the Universe talks to us through other people, animals, plants, weather patterns and anomalies, books, spirits, license plates, dreams, TV shows, movi

Don’t Try Wrapping A Bow Around Thoughtlessness

I believe in forgiving thoughtlessness in people; I don’t believe in wrapping a nice big bow around thoughtlessness. What am I talking about? When I say I don’t believe in wrapping a bow around thoughtlessness, I’m saying I have found that it is not instructive to or helping the chronically thoughtless person by rewarding them in some way, being thoughtful of THEM, thinking it will send them the message NOT to be thoughtless. Perhaps your message of kindness will  get through to them and if they are repeat offenders of being thoughtless in their relationship with you, the best method of helping them is not always continuing thoughtfulness toward the thoughtless. What is the best method of dealing with thoughtless people? I have found the best method of dealing with thoughtless people is Loving-detachment. What is Loving-detachment and why does it work? Loving-detachment is keeping the person at arms length while not withdrawing your Love for them. You keep them at bay while maintaining

Something Beyond The Physical Begins With A Feeling

Our human sensory ability to touch and experience our physical environment is the beginning of connecting with Spirit. Why is that? The reason touch is the beginning of connecting with Spirit, with something beyond is because touch engenders a feeling in humans and feelings are messages from the Soul, from beyond the physical world we live in. We can't see feelings. They are invisible just like our Souls are. In truth, our physical world itself is a reflection of our feelings that come from our Soul. We humans are really having a soulful experience when we think it's only physical.  A good example of something beyond the physical beginning with a feeling is when we humans have intuition based on our interaction with our physical universe. It could be a hug from another person, immersing yourself in a hot tub or cold shower, shaking someone's hand, stroking the fur of your cat, holding a crystal or rock, etc. These tactile experiences are interpreted by our brain and our sou

Your Physical Body, Mind And Emotions Are The Vessels Of Your Soul

The more I travel on my wisdom path, the more I am guided to realize and see that what this human life experience is all about is being a vessel for my soul. I have discovered that my physical body, mind and emotions are the actual vessels of my soul that is on Earth for the specific purpose of expanding its awareness through a third dimensional experience. What does this signify for us as humans? What being a vessel for our soul on Earth means is that this entire human experience is a spiritual experience in that our soul is driving this human body, mind and emotion, the soul is driving this bus. We humans are the hardware and our soul is the software and we have built in platforms for our soul to express itself., for our soul to communicate with and through us. A great example of seeing the soul in action is through creative expression. When you see a dance concert, a theatre production, an opera, a music concert, a singer, a painting, a photograph, you are experiencing and seeing th

Everything Is A Reflection of You

We live our lives and many times we state, “Why is this happening to me?,” not realizing that EVERYTHING in our reality, in our lives is a reflection of who we believe and think we are. What does this mean? What it means that what we experience, what arrives, what appears in our lives is a reflection of us in that how we feel, think and believe INSIDE manifests, create our reality OUTSIDE. Our reality shows us unflinchingly who we are. For example, if you are on your own wisdom path, those beliefs you have about the path, about Spirit will attract to you the resonance, the vibes that your thoughts align with. If you are fearful of being on a wisdom path, for example, you become a being, a person of fear and as such you become a “fear caller” calling fear to yourself (making you an animal of prey) which can manifest in your reality as you being preyed upon by someone who is not in fear but preys on people who are because they are not good people. See where I’m going with this? How do we

The Difficulties With Being Between I AM And I AM Not

We have all been between I AM and I AM not, I have found and when we are between I AM and I AM not, that’s when our lives feel dark, confusing, weird and empty. What does that mean? Why is it important to you? What it means to be between I AM and I AM not is to be in a state of confusion as to who and what you are, to be lacking in self-worth, to not believe in yourself and your inherent abilities to create your life without difficulties. The wisdom path taught me that the bottom line is we are all capable of manifesting, we are all inherently capable to create and have the lives of our dreams and to think and believe otherwise is delusional. Why is it delusional? It’s delusional to live between I AM and I AM not because you are ALWAYS who and what you are with a mind, heart, body and soul capable of great things, capable of whatever you want to achieve.  Why this is important to you is because there is no need to live in confusion as to who and what you are: a human being who has the

I Am Spirit (Con’t)

I would like to add to my previous blog where I asserted that I am Spirit/God and that I have had and am having direct mystical spiritual experiences as I walk my wisdom path. After I wrote it, I wondered what it is that people believe is a direct mystical spiritual experience since I believe it’s different for everyone yet the same. What do I mean? What I mean by saying that a direct mystical spiritual experience is different for everyone yet the same is that, from my experience, a direct mystical spiritual experience is PERCEIVED differently by people based on how perceptive and aware they are and it is the same for everyone in that all humans can FEEL that they have HAD a direct mystical experience no matter the depth of the experience. How do I know this? I know that if and when a human has a direct mystical spiritual experience they can FEEL it because  I feel it. Since I am Spirit and having a direct mystical spiritual experience is an inside job, is within me, it IS me. I myself

There Is No Time To NOT Know What You Have

 I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we all as humans keep doing it. What is this “it” we keep doing? The “it” we keep doing is taking people and the things we have for granted. We don’t really appreciate them and here’s a secret: we really don’t have the time in life to NOT know what we have. Why is that? The reason we don’t have time in life to NOT know what we have is because each minute you spend in ungrateful, unappreciative living and taking people and things that you have in your life for granted, is a minute wasted, is a minute of dissatisfaction, a minute of believing that the grass is greener with someone or something else.  Please understand that sometimes in life we make mistakes and when we stay in appreciation we can see these mistakes as opportunities to learn from even though we may have to move on from certain people and things.  I see staying in appreciation as making the best of life and I have found that when you appreciate what arrives in your life, good, bad or indiffer

You Do Not Die. You Just Come And Go.

The wisdom path, I found, is a path of living with Divine Guidance. I find that I am always guided. I listen. I take direction. It works to improve my human life in a myriad of ways with malice toward none.  Divine Guidance also revealed to me that there is no death as is commonly believed by most humans. If humans don’t die, than what is the thing that happens when a human body is clinically dead or no more? What Divine Guidance showed me about death is that there is no ending in who we are at our essence. We come and we go. We come into physical form and we leave it. The body is an avatar of persona/psyche/ego that is slowed down Spirit that incarnated in a third dimensional, physical reality. However, the physical body isn’t the essential YOU. The essential YOU that comes and goes is your soul. What physical stuff humans are made of is all Spirit that slows its vibrational frequency down enough to be perceived as physical so that it can navigate, live in a physical software called a

Why You Don’t Get What You Want And Need

Not getting what you want is a bummer! We have all experienced this and are often mystified why, when we have done everything we can (we believe) we still don’t get what we want. Why does this happen and how can we achieve better odds in getting what we want? On my wisdom path, I discovered the reason I wasn’t getting the things I wanted and it was not for lack of trying. The reason why getting what I wanted was a mixed bag of results was because my thinking wasn’t clear and as a matter of fact, I was very often confused. What this resulted in was sending mixed signals to the Universe and the Universe answered by giving me back mixed results or no results at all.  How does this work? How this works is that our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts are vibrational frequencies that attract like realities. A simple example is that if you think about wanting to by a home but never save or do what’s needed to buy a home, a home will not manifest in your reality because you are sending m

God, Gods And Goddesses Are Not To Be Prayed TO But To Be Called FORWARD

In connecting more deeply with Spirit/God/The All That Is, I have found that God is not some old man in the sky you pray to for favors. That’s a misguided notion born out of unaware human thinking. What have I found out about the true nature of my relationship with God being on a mystical wisdom path? What I have found by being on a mystical wisdom path is that the Divine energy of God, Gods and Goddesses is an ever present energy that we can commune with by calling that Divine energy FORWARD. What do I mean by calling that Divine energy forward and not praying and asking for favors? What I mean by calling that Divine energy forward is to consciously invite, with words spoken silently within or spoken aloud, the energy of God, Gods and Goddesses to be present with you as you allow this energy into your conscious perception. You feel their energy with you and you talk to them. You don’t pray to them as a supplicant, as something or one less than they are. You call them to be with you to

We Are Human, We Get Riled Up. Answer: It’s OK. Just Don’t Make A Habit Of It.

Humans are mind and emotion. Those aspects of ourselves can be riled up by other people, circumstances, mistakes, misfortune, misguidance, hesitation, doubt and fear, The prevailing attitude toward our human frailty to so easily have our buttons pushed and fall into a riled up state, I have found is to allow it to become a habit as if we humans need to go to this place to always solve our problems. I see a way out of this cyclical maelstrom. What is it? Mind and emotion mastery, mind control is the key to getting out of being the victim of circumstance, I discovered. That being said, it’s not easy. Humans are creatures of habit and we immediately revert to defensive postures when being threatened. I have found that seeing emotions as teachers that want us to take a positive action in order to learn and then release the very reason we have an emotional response is a key habit to develop in order to overcome being the butt of emotional torment. For example, if a friend shames us in front

I Am Spirit

By staying consciously on the mystical wisdom path for over 20 years, I have come to acknowledge that people love, crave and want a direct mystical and spiritual experience. I must also say that even though this is real, it eludes many. Why does a direct mystical spiritual experience elude many? From my vantage point of my own wisdom path, I discovered that a direct mystical spiritual experience eludes many because many believe Spirit is “out there” somewhere and where that is they don’t know. My experience is that there is no spirit “out there.” Why is there no Spirit “out there”? There is no Spirit “out there” because Spirit is within, it is me, I am Spirit. What do I mean, I am Spirit? When I assert that I am Spirit, I am not saying that I am an invisible being you can’t see. I am in a human body and that body IS Spirit but it is Spirit vibrating at a frequency so slow your physical eyes can see my Spirit, as in, you can see me, my physical body, you can perceive me. My body, mind,

Integrity Is The BEST Spiritual Protection

I will begin this blog by borrowing the meaning of Integrity from Wikipedia as a baseline for understanding it: ”Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. Integrity can stand in opposition to hypocrisy, in that judging with the standards of integrity involves regarding internal consistency as virtue and suggests that parties holding within themselves apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs. Integrity is the inner sense of ‘wholeness’ deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character. As such, one may judge that others “have integrity” to the extent that they act according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold.” Now that we have a basis for understanding what integrity is, why is it the BEST spiritual prot

The Dimensional Shift To The Place Of Heart

 Munay-Ki, from the Peruvian, means the energy of abundant Love and not just romantic Love. Munay-Ki is the abundant Love found in unconditional Love where there are no grievances. You can say it is the energy of abundant Love. Why am I talking about this now? I am presenting Minay-Ki now because there has been what I call a dimensional shift on Earth from conditional love to unconditional Love. We, as collective humanity, have agreed to a dimensional shift from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. In this current fifth dimension we are now in, it is an experience that is heartfelt, that is all heart, that requires a leap of faith by the human collective to release hate, prejudice, intolerance, envy, jealousy and suffering and to be unconditional Love. The vibration and thus dimension of Munay-Ki means being Love in every moment and it is not a weak, wishy washy state of being. It is the most powerful state you can be in. It is the state of Divine Grace in flesh. To be in this s

There Are No Justified Resentments

 Resentments kill...YOU and you spend much time justifying your resentments. I have learned from life experience that there are no justified resentments. Why is that?  The reason there are no justified resentments is that life is essentially a mirror for you and reflects back what YOU put out in the world. People you meet reflect back to you what you’re putting out there and it reveals who YOU are, not who they are. Understanding who you are through others is the real opportunity in relationships and resenting others for showing you who you are is the height of ego drama, the height of insecurity. How do you manage to learn from others about yourself and not be resentful if they show you something about yourself you don’t like? I found how to do this and it is simply being open to being better. It is a shift in your perspective that says to yourself, “I want to be less insecure, more mature, more stable, more open-minded and more grounded. I experience too much resentment in seeing who

People Just Want To Have Fun?

I am all good with the fact that people just want to have fun and this applies to all aspects of living, of life. It’s necessary and healthy to enjoy, be carefree, go with the flow and be spontaneous! While I have had and still have fun in my life, I have learned that when it comes to relationships with people, fun isn’t all there is and promiscuity isn’t all there is. Promiscuity and fun leaves one lacking. What am I talking about here? What I am talking about here is balancing and ultimately realizing that fun and promiscuity in relationships eventually leave people feeling empty and unsatisfied and having deeper connections with people leaves one more fulfilled and satisfied but why? Why it is not satisfying in the end to always be having fun and being promiscuous in relationships is because that is the domain of the ego where everything is persona/psyche and sensual and the persona/psyche/ego is a hungry ghost that wants more and more and is never satisfied. The ego is self-aggrand

The True Sword of Power is the Christ Consciousness.

The symbol of the sword is a powerful one. It is an instrument that wields power and in this case, not the power to harm but the power to Love, be wise and be healed. This power I call the Christ Consciousness and I am not talking about Jesus Christ or religion. I am talking about the Christ Consciousness imbued in each human and everything around each human and that each human can wield as a powerful metaphorical sword. What do I mean by Christ Consciousness and how can you wield it as a powerful sword? The wisdom path brought me to see, to become aware of this sword of power called the Christ Consciousness and it asked me to pick this sword up. It revealed to me that the Christ Consciousness is the seed of the Creator that is already in me. It’s an energy that is in me and in everything. This seed germinates and grows within me as I become more aware, more willing, more allowing and more accepting of the reality that I am growing the Christ Consciousness within me to eventually be it

The Foundation Of Life That Won’t Crumble

After listening to a young lady on Facebook talk about how she realized that the foundation she had built her life on was a shaky foundation, I was inspired to look at the foundation that I had built my life on.  She impressed me because she was self-aware enough to know that she had built her life’s foundation on the shaky ground of insecurities and based on this, saw her foundation crumble in her relationships. She decided to step on higher, sturdier ground.  What are shaky foundations that most of us build our lives upon? What are solid foundations and why is this important to you? In looking how I changed the foundations of my life, I realized that I had built the initial ones on the shaky foundation of ego. What does that mean? It means that I had built my foundation of my life on competing, comparing, judging, approving, hidden agendas, being better than and keeping up with the Joneses. Why this was shaky ground is because when the storm clouds rolled in, when the winds of drama

Be Careful Of This Spiritual Trap

In my formative years, before I consciously stepped onto my own wisdom path, I was beset by low self-worth. Even though I had a four year Bachelor of Arts degree, had studied the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Shintoism, the American Book of the Dead, I continued to doubt myself and was stuck in the cognitive and spiritual trap of comparing myself to others to measure my own sense of self-esteem and worth. It felt like a dark place to me. So, I am sharing this experience to admonish you to be careful of the cognitive and spiritual trap of measuring yourself by others’ achievements, comparing yourself to other-self. Doing this, I found, is the height of the ego identification. It’s a dark trap. How can I help you manage to avoid these traps? I can help you by sharing my experience and tell you unabashedly that it is not important to compare yourself in different timelines to yourself in another moment. It is not important to identify your worthiness by comparison to another. Doing so is a pr

The Path of A Cosmic Shaman

Shamans and World Shamanism are very popular today as many seek a deeper, more direct mystical life experience, healing, connection to Spirit and to higher Self. For me, it is only in the last twenty years that I have come to recognize that I am a Shaman and not an Earth Shaman but a Cosmic Shaman. In this blog, I want to share my experience with you of being a Cosmic Shaman and what that path is like. Please know that Earth Shamans do connect with Cosmic forces and they are primarily concerned with healing through Earthly spiritual means. The Cosmic Shaman deals with forces used to heal that are beyond Earth and take into account cosmic beings including Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit guides, Starseeds, planetary Logi, Extraterrestrials, Light Beings and the Spiritual Hierarchy among other cosmic forces like Karma. How did I come to understand that I was a Cosmic Shaman, what is a Cosmic Shaman and why is that important to you? About twenty years ago I started to have con

I Seek To Comprehend, To Understand

I am gratified that on the Wisdom path I have learned to be mindful of gaining understanding and even more deeply, it is my job to understand. Understanding what, you may ask? First, we learn to understand our relationship with our Higher Self and then we learn to appreciate our involvement with more advanced beings.What understanding means to me is being in Ascension which is entering and functioning in more refined realms and this functioning in refined realms ultimately puts us in touch with the Creator. It is a way of being. I mean it is a general trait of who I am. I perceive understanding as part of grasping The Law of One which states that there is only one Self here and it is all inclusive. To exist and function within the parameters of the Law of One demands absolute faith in the Will of the Creator to progress in awareness which gives us greater understanding. Embodiment or spiritual remains part of the Creator. Humanity can’t get outside of the ALL. They do try otherwise but

The Sevens Steps Of The Spiritual Path

 What is a spiritual path? What is Spirit? As many have for millennia, I have asked these same questions as I knowingly stepped onto my own spiritual wisdom path. Whether you have asked these questions by now or not, I am sharing my knowledge of what I have come to understand of the nature of the seven steps of the true spiritual path. To traverse a true spiritual path, I found that I had to be aware that it is a rainbow bridge that we cross into the knowingness that the seven steps of the true spiritual path are represented by the colors of the rainbow and these colors also manifest as the seven chakras that translate as the seven energetic vortices of human multidimensionality. What does this mean? What this means is that humans contain multidimensional energies that help them traverse the spiritual path providing the energies of Earth, creativity, will, heart, truth, intuition and Spirit (and of course, beyond) So, the true spiritual path is multidimensional, meaning you have to be

The Ascension/Paradise Timeline

 As a Cosmic Shaman I am tasked by Spirit to assist in making sure the Ascension/Paradise timeline continues. I do this by holding a vibration of Love on the planet. What is the Ascension/Paradise timeline and why is it important to you? First, a timeline is a potential trajectory on which humans are and will travel on. It is a path, a direct experience of moving away from a path of mesmerization with the physical, sensual, ego-driven third dimensional Matrix to a fifth dimensional reality that is the experience of unconditional Love for self and other-self. In the Ascension/Paradise timeline there is no sixth human mass extinction known commonly as Armageddon.  This is important to you as the real depth of the Ascension/Paradise timeline is to retrieve your soul so that you and collective humanity are no longer fragmented on the bellicose Armageddon timeline; that you are one with the purer aspects of Creation. You perceive Love as the ultimate reality. What this essentially is, on a

There Is God And Not The Way Most People Believe Or Not Believe In

Through years of experience in the spiritual realm, I have discovered that I am a messenger of the Divine. While that statement is quite a thing to assert in our hyper-religious Earth environment., it’s not what you think (more on that in another blog and by the way, all humans are messengers of the Divine with many not aware of it) and through being a so-called messenger of the Divine, I have been made aware that God is not how human religions represent God. What did I find out God is and why is it not the way most people believe or not believe it is? What I found out God is being a messenger of the Divine is that God is man minus ego. What does that mean? It means that God is a BEINGNESS that has the attributes imbued in humans: intelligence. Love, creativity, imagination, energy, manifestation, unlimited, mystery, the mystical, and abundance. These qualities, these aspects are God and found in humans. God of itself does not have what humans call a persona, psyche, ego. God just is.

How Spirit Views Conspiracy Theories (Con’t)

In the first part of this blog, I asked what the true conspiracy facing humanity is if it is not the government trying to do all sorts of nefarious things to us to control us? What can we look to instead of QANON and other conspiracy theories? Spirit shared with me the following revelation. The true conspiracy that conspires to limit humanity is humanity’s insistent refusal to accept that Karma is real and that it is an absolute Law that operates in the Cosmos. What does this mean? What it means that human refuses to accept that Karma is real is that most of humanity purposely ignores the Law that how you treat ANOTHER is how YOU will eventually be treated. This is not about revenge. It is about teaching and learning. Learning what?  Learning what it feels like yourself to do a good or bad thing to another that you may be wiser in your choices of how you treat others. It teaches, by direct action through experience, the old adage, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  I

How Spirit Views Conspiracy Theories

In my life I have been brainwashed by religious cults, learned  how to slough off limiting beliefs, learned how to think for myself, learned discernment, wisdom, personal power and learned how to gain control of my mind, my thoughts and feelings. I have a degree of mastery over those now. Since I have gained a level of mastery over my mind, I have experienced connecting with a deeper level of my being which is the level of Spirit. I find this connection extremely important. Why is this connection with Spirit so important for today? This connection with Spirit is important for today because we live at a time when conspiracy theories have taken over critical thinking. While humans do bad things, no giant, global, governmental, Elite, rich societal plot to manipulate the human population can ever work. Why? Conspiracy theories can never completely work because humans are born with free will and it is people’s choice what they want to believe and from my experience, in connecting with Spir

Your Physical Body IS Your Soul

In the millennia that I have been on many soul paths on many planets, I have to say that the most revelatory realization is that my bodies ARE my soul. What does that mean and why is it important to live this revelation? What it means that my bodies are my soul is that, for one thing, I am not separate from my soul. It’s me. My physical body is a “projection” of my soul or realized a different way, my body is my soul’s energy slowed down so I can capture its movement from point A to point B realizing I am exactly who my soul planned me to be and that I simply have to take action on that plan. The importance of this revelation cannot be overstated or overemphasized. Why? Living AS your soul cannot be overstated because it is the single most important reason for a human incarnation, a human life, I have found. In realizing I am my soul, I was able to connect with it in myself and others and realize my life’s mission, my purpose for being here reflected in my soul’s choice of my persona/p

Honor And Decency Are High Vibrations

 In my life, I have found that behaving with honor and decency in all situations is a high vibrational reality that brings untold benefits to oneself and others. The great thing about evincing honor and decency in life is that anyone can do it. It doesn’t cost money and you don’t have to have a lot of money to show honor and decency. What is one way you can show honor and decency? I have found that the one central way of showing honor and decency in one’s life is to behave in a way where you make a situation better than it was before you were a part of it. I have experienced that when you make things better, greater, happier, more enjoyable and more appreciated than they were before you participated in them, it raises the level of collective goodness in the world while also bringing you more peace, abundance and happiness. How do you do this? In my experience, the way to make things better through your participation in them is to care not only about yourself but about others. To always

Collective Transition State Of Consciousness

 From my experience of observing our current individual and collective trauma right now, I am sharing with you to be aware that we are in a collective transition state of consciousness created by chaotic nodes engendered by the global pandemic, crashing economies, mass death, volcanos, hurricanes, fires, climate change, political chicanery and upheaval. What this causes is our habitual perceptual markers to be in a pace where they can no longer apprehend our familiar reality. We are in a null point where what was and what will be are gone. How do we navigate this transition state of consciousness and come out alive, well and whole? What I have found to be the best way forward out of a null point is to be patient, calm, positive and creative. It is imperative to face the disturbing feelings we are feeling being in this null point, accept what is, determine your own thoughts and beliefs and stay vigilant to the positive signs and positive activities that will guide you out of this null p

Humanity’s Spiritual Ache

 A question that I recently asked my Higher Self was, “What is humanity’s as well as my greatest spiritual ache as I have experienced?” The answer came quickly and clearly: Lack of appreciation! What does this mean and how can we change it? I have found that many people say they appreciate this and that but I don’t believe they do since I find that they (myself included) take things, people, circumstances and opportunities for granted. To me, this lack of appreciation where everything is taken for granted is humanity’s greatest Spiritual Ache as it leaves most of us remorseful and filled with regret when that thing or person is no longer here. What is the basis for this lack of appreciation and taking things for granted?  It seems to me from my experience with myself and others that humanity’s Spiritual Ache of regret from lack of appreciation comes from the misguided notion that things and people will live forever and we can treat them however we want since they’ll always be around. P

2021. A Year Of Change And Revelation

I found the chaotic node of 2020 to challenge my mastery over my self. I had to renew and refresh my knowledge of my ability to have emotional, mental, physical, soulful and spiritual control over my self. I am intuiting that this chaotic node will continue for a while and it’s themes seem to be great change and revelation. Why am I telling you this? I share my findings with you to help prepare you for the changes and reveals that will take you way out of your comfort zone and I mean even more than you are now and to prepare you to shift your perspective in order to see and better handle these coming changes and revelations for they are opportunities for greater fulfillment and not as fear vortexes to slide into.  How can you see great change and greater truth being revealed as opportunities? I have always found great change and hearing truths I didn’t want to hear as uncomfortable, difficult, stressful and bothersome. At this juncture of my mastery, I realize that great change and unc

What is Your Experience When You’re A Cosmic Being With A High Level Of Awareness?

 It is the new year and as a Blue Ray Being, I am being called by Spirit to speak. My sharing today, my speaking in written form, is of the experience in body that I have as a Cosmic Being with a high level of awareness. What does this mean and why is it important for 2021? What it means to be a Cosmic Being with a high level of awareness is that I can see deeper into many realities. To clarify, I am clairvoyant to the degree that my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual senses are much more heightened, sensitized and acute than the human who chooses to have a narrow and limited scope in their awareness. I see into everything way beyond the confined three-dimensional physical reality  most people experience. My abilities include seeing disembodied beings of all kinds, hyper-empathy, prophetic dreams, second sight, Major manifestation abilities and much more. I live on a level of knowing things before they happen. My intuition is sharp. I am a Light and Sound Healer. Why this is imp