What It Means When I Say I’m “Spiritual”?

 I sensed that I was not sure what it meant when I said to others, “I’m very spiritual!” After having received clarification of what it means to be spiritual from the whispering of my soul, I share with you what my soul told me.

My soul said to me that being “spiritual” means coming from the sacred space of Spirit where one’s intent is pure. This means coming from a place where there is no hidden agenda, no competition, no comparing, no judgement, no seeking to approve of or getting approval, no keeping up with the Joneses and no being better than another. 

Being spiritual means coming from a state of grace in which our everyday actions are motivated by peace, compassion, Love, kindness and tolerance. It is a state of authenticity, of clarity and of coherence. It is a state of giving with no expectations. 

For me, this state of being “spiritual” on an everyday, mundane basis takes the vigilance of constant practice and when we fail to live up to the ideals of the pure state of being “spiritual,” it’s OK. We humans are not meant to be perfect. When we fail to give pure intent, we just admit we are not perfect, we check our attitude and motivation for our egotistical  behavior and keep working on ourselves  by remembering to be better (more “spiritual”) the next time. 

Being “spiritual” is an indelible connection with Spirit that all people have and being more “spiritual” means growing and deepening your connection with Spirit and that happens every time you behave with spiritual intentions and not ego intentions listed above.


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