The Surprise Of How Reality Really Works

 I discovered through trial and error, practice and spiritual verification how reality really works and I was surprised at how completely mislead I was in my misguided beliefs. So, what did I find out about how reality really works?

What I discovered is that since humans are truly soul beings, Spirit in form as their true nature, we have the ability to give intent for a thing to manifest in our physical reality and we do this through the power of our thoughts. These thoughts manifest on the soul level WITHOUT our physical selves having to do anything other than the physical action of assembling the parts of the intentional puzzle to make it happen on a physical level. What I’m saying is that once you intend it, it’s done. Stop intending. Just go about putting together the intended thing by assembling all the material objects that will be provided to you when you allow yourself to trust in the process. 

Once you give intent for something to manifest, it’s a done deal. It happens in the timeless now instantaneously. Get out of your own way by not thinking about it, not worrying about it, not obsessing about it and not stressing over it. Let your intuition guide you to the opportunities, things, people and places on the physical reality to make your intent come alive on the material plane. 

Give your intent for a thing a no-harm, positive, feel/know vibration and then let it happen and just follow the yellow brick road without fear.


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