The Real Secret of How To Evolve As A Human

 I discovered a way to evolve as a human without crashing and burning through my mistakes. What is that way?

My perception and experience of being human is that it is about growth and change. This can be challenging in light of the human propensity to be self-pitying when we regress through mistakes born of trial and error. My discovery that has helped me to be resilient in the face of my failings, my regressions, my foibles is the simple phrase, “I still have work to do on myself.” While I forgive myself for my mistakes and my intent is to not harm others, I don’t fool myself with a false sense of security that my shadow side is going to magically disappear with a positive mental attitude or an optimistic outlook. I know that I have to work on myself when I fall into self-defeating behaviors. 

I choose to work on myself because I am aware that my self-defeating behaviors are a prison that keep me in bondage. When I allow my shadow side to control me, I am not truly free. I practice moving toward more freedom by admitting I have continued work to do on shoring up my failings and this attitude, I have found, is a great way to maintain mental and emotional health because I am not beating myself up for my failings. I simply admit to myself that I am not there yet in my quest for true inner freedom. I still have more work to do on myself. It’s OK. I’m self aware. I move forward. I continue to change and evolve. I am not stuck in self-pity. 


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