The Real Christmas Miracle

 I take great significance from the Universal Christ embodied in the persona of Joseph of Nazareth. However, it is not as it is written or celebrated by current day Christians. What is the true significance of the Universal Christ as has been shown me by Spirit?

To me, the significance of the birth of the Universal Christ in the form of Joseph of Nazareth is the gift of Christ Consciousness endowed in all human beings from birth. What is the Christ Consciousness and what is it’s importance to all people? 

Christ Consciousness is the conscious awareness of the I Am presence that lives in all of us as part of Divine Intelligence. It is the God part of every human whether realized or not. It is the presence of God in form as human beings. It’s importance to all people is that it is a gift from on high to be acknowledged and celebrated, to be self-realized and appreciated for the great gift of Light that it is. It’s the gift that keeps giving as it has information encoded within it that is the information of the Creative Source which most importantly is that we humans are part of God and not separate from that beingness.

So, when this time of year comes, this Christmas time, I am reminded to celebrate the Christ Consciousness within, the Light that I am and that I can give to another. This is the Christmas present for all humanity to embrace.


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