How To Become A Major Manifestor

 My Christmas gift to you this season is to share with you how you can be a Major Manifestor. How do I know about being a Major Manifestor? I am one. So, what is a Major Manifestor?

A Major Manifestor is a person who can manifest, that is, physically realize their intentions easily, quickly and in a big or small way. You might think this is fantasy. It is not as I thought Major Manifesting was impossible for a human until I was forced to realize, through years of tribulation, that I am a Major Manifestor. I was able to manifest all I desired in life when I learned how to BE a Major Manifestor and now I’m going to share it with you.

The first thing to know about being a Major Manifestor is that ALL humans have this ability to a greater or lesser extent. How strong of a Manifestor you are depends on how strong your intent is backed by feelings and thoughts.

The first thought to take on, to realize, to acknowledge and be (take action on) is that within you is what I call the Christ Consciousness or Divine I Am Presence. Please don’t confuse the word Christ with all the denotations and connotations of Jesus Christ the Savior. Christ (Christos, from the Greek word for Messiah, Annointed One, righteous) was the appellation given to Joseph of Nazareth because he had the awareness, the consciousness of the Divine I Am Presence within and could do miraculous things with it (Major Manifesting). Once you gain awareness that YOU, like the Christ, have the I Am Presence within and what it’s powers are, you then must realize that the Divine I Am Presence is in EVERYTHING OUTSIDE OF YOU AS WELL. Once you accept this, you align with the I Am Presence within yourself be using it and seeing it in everything. What happens is that YOUR spark communicate with the spark in everything and activates it to do your intentional bidding. You can then positively affect money, machines, animals, the weather, etc.

It takes a leap of faith to acknowledge this and practice to become a competent Major Manifestor. I did it and so can you. Happy Christ Mass. May the Christ Consciousness be you.


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