A Real Shamanic Initiation

 I get inspiration when I remember the legends of Shamanic initiation that I am a part of. These Shamanic initiations have occurred throughout all my lifetimes on Earth in various and sundry ways and so part of who and what I am is a Shaman. What does this mean?

I bring this to your attention because, through these initiations, I have faced death, overcome loss, and responded to my Shamanic calling in a new and greater way until it became truth in each and every lifetime. 

We all have this soul calling and I share this with you to let you know that in this lifetime, I died and became my Light Body while still in human form and this is something we can all do. What happens to you in such an initiation as this is that your soul is the dominant aspect of your life. You are your soul walking the Earth while your body tags along for the ride. 

What is your soul calling and what is your initiation? 


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