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How To Become A Major Manifestor

 My Christmas gift to you this season is to share with you how you can be a Major Manifestor. How do I know about being a Major Manifestor? I am one. So, what is a Major Manifestor? A Major Manifestor is a person who can manifest, that is, physically realize their intentions easily, quickly and in a big or small way. You might think this is fantasy. It is not as I thought Major Manifesting was impossible for a human until I was forced to realize, through years of tribulation, that I am a Major Manifestor. I was able to manifest all I desired in life when I learned how to BE a Major Manifestor and now I’m going to share it with you. The first thing to know about being a Major Manifestor is that ALL humans have this ability to a greater or lesser extent. How strong of a Manifestor you are depends on how strong your intent is backed by feelings and thoughts. The first thought to take on, to realize, to acknowledge and be (take action on) is that within you is what I call the Christ Consci

The Real Christmas Miracle

 I take great significance from the Universal Christ embodied in the persona of Joseph of Nazareth. However, it is not as it is written or celebrated by current day Christians. What is the true significance of the Universal Christ as has been shown me by Spirit? To me, the significance of the birth of the Universal Christ in the form of Joseph of Nazareth is the gift of Christ Consciousness endowed in all human beings from birth. What is the Christ Consciousness and what is it’s importance to all people?  Christ Consciousness is the conscious awareness of the I Am presence that lives in all of us as part of Divine Intelligence. It is the God part of every human whether realized or not. It is the presence of God in form as human beings. It’s importance to all people is that it is a gift from on high to be acknowledged and celebrated, to be self-realized and appreciated for the great gift of Light that it is. It’s the gift that keeps giving as it has information encoded within it that is

What It Means When I Say I’m “Spiritual”?

 I sensed that I was not sure what it meant when I said to others, “I’m very spiritual!” After having received clarification of what it means to be spiritual from the whispering of my soul, I share with you what my soul told me. My soul said to me that being “spiritual” means coming from the sacred space of Spirit where one’s intent is pure. This means coming from a place where there is no hidden agenda, no competition, no comparing, no judgement, no seeking to approve of or getting approval, no keeping up with the Joneses and no being better than another.  Being spiritual means coming from a state of grace in which our everyday actions are motivated by peace, compassion, Love, kindness and tolerance. It is a state of authenticity, of clarity and of coherence. It is a state of giving with no expectations.  For me, this state of being “spiritual” on an everyday, mundane basis takes the vigilance of constant practice and when we fail to live up to the ideals of the pure state of being “s

The Real Secret of How To Evolve As A Human

 I discovered a way to evolve as a human without crashing and burning through my mistakes. What is that way? My perception and experience of being human is that it is about growth and change. This can be challenging in light of the human propensity to be self-pitying when we regress through mistakes born of trial and error. My discovery that has helped me to be resilient in the face of my failings, my regressions, my foibles is the simple phrase, “I still have work to do on myself.” While I forgive myself for my mistakes and my intent is to not harm others, I don’t fool myself with a false sense of security that my shadow side is going to magically disappear with a positive mental attitude or an optimistic outlook. I know that I have to work on myself when I fall into self-defeating behaviors.  I choose to work on myself because I am aware that my self-defeating behaviors are a prison that keep me in bondage. When I allow my shadow side to control me, I am not truly free. I practice mo

A Real Shamanic Initiation

 I get inspiration when I remember the legends of Shamanic initiation that I am a part of. These Shamanic initiations have occurred throughout all my lifetimes on Earth in various and sundry ways and so part of who and what I am is a Shaman. What does this mean? I bring this to your attention because, through these initiations, I have faced death, overcome loss, and responded to my Shamanic calling in a new and greater way until it became truth in each and every lifetime.  We all have this soul calling and I share this with you to let you know that in this lifetime, I died and became my Light Body while still in human form and this is something we can all do. What happens to you in such an initiation as this is that your soul is the dominant aspect of your life. You are your soul walking the Earth while your body tags along for the ride.  What is your soul calling and what is your initiation? 

The Surprise Of How Reality Really Works

 I discovered through trial and error, practice and spiritual verification how reality really works and I was surprised at how completely mislead I was in my misguided beliefs. So, what did I find out about how reality really works? What I discovered is that since humans are truly soul beings, Spirit in form as their true nature, we have the ability to give intent for a thing to manifest in our physical reality and we do this through the power of our thoughts. These thoughts manifest on the soul level WITHOUT our physical selves having to do anything other than the physical action of assembling the parts of the intentional puzzle to make it happen on a physical level. What I’m saying is that once you intend it, it’s done. Stop intending. Just go about putting together the intended thing by assembling all the material objects that will be provided to you when you allow yourself to trust in the process.  Once you give intent for something to manifest, it’s a done deal. It happens in the