Where Does God Live?

 I asked myself the question of, “where does God live?” and I received the answer and now, I am asking you where does God live? Do you know where God lives? I do and I am going to tell you.

You are probably asking, how do I know where God lives and who did I receive the answer from about where God lives? Did God tell me?

First, the reason I am asking the question about whether you know where God live is because I know many people believe God is a he or she that lives in the sky somewhere in a place called Heaven. They see God as a man or woman wearing a white robe, sitting on a throne. That prevailing belief in what God is and where God lives is misleading and misinformed. How do I know? God told me. So, where does God live?

I learned in this lifetime that I have a unique connection with God being a Spirit cell of God in the eternal now. I discovered that God is a consciousness, beingness and awareness that is apprehended by my (and your) human consciousness, beingness and awareness because that’s what humans are: God’s Creation as a lived, actionable, physical consciousness, beingness and awareness. We humans are God having a physical experience with God living inside us as soul, as Spirit and Monad in flesh. God is an energy and that energy is knowable through it’s Creation which humans are a part of. 

I know that the energy of God lives in me and that when I look both within and without at the creation I am in, I am seeing where God lives. God is right here and right there and I can go inside myself to tune into God and that attunement connects me with God in all Creation...here, there and everywhere. 

So, where does God live? Within.


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