There Is No Need To Improve On Human Being

 I am God having a human experience. From this experience, I know there is no need to improve upon my human being. Why is that?

I have perceived that there is no reason to improve upon my human being because God does not create junk. What God creates is perfect as it is. No matter your condition, situation or appearance at birth, you are perfect as you are. It is you as your God condition that is perfect and your human condition is one in which you are meant to grow your awareness through a lower vibratory, physical level of ups and downs that challenge you to see your true nature of perfection just the way you are. 

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about here. As a human being, you are NOT born in original sin. You are born whole and perfect and you are born with and have chosen a specific body to complete whatever expansion of your soul’s awareness you have come to Earth to expand. On this soul path of awareness expansion, you choose all kinds of challenges, all kinds of ups and downs to assist you in expanding your soul’s awareness for the purpose of knowing your Self on a deeper level. You may have chosen conditions that are judged in the human consciousness like disease, sickness, deformity, hate, intolerance, evil, etc or any other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. These are meant for your soul growth. 

I have found that God does not look upon it’s creations as imperfect and in need of being made better. God is living through you in perfection to know itself more deeply through the panoply of human existence. 

When you look at yourself, see yourself, perceive yourself as on a path of expanding your soul’s awareness. I have discovered that with this perspective of my humanness, I can see why I am the way I am and have compassion for myself. 


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