The Psychic Spirit Realm Is More Real Than A McDonald’s Hamburger?

 My life experience is one that is an intimate and close connection to the Sprit World or what I refer to as the “Psychic Realm.” This Realm is simply a different vibratory level, a different dimension than our own third dimension of so-called physical or sensate reality but more real if not more real than that McDonald’s hamburger you are eating. From my perch in the Spirit World, I see that most humans perceive the Spirit World as fake news. They see the Spirit World as unreal, scary, spooky, weird, unknowable, etc. Why is that?

The reason most people perceive the Spirit World as unreal and spooky is because they have been brainwashed, trained, conditioned to see it that way by society enmeshed in materialism that says only the sensate or physical is real and anything beyond that doesn’t exist. What cannot be seen or touched by the physical body is not there they say. I am saying that the unseen world is not only real, it’s more real than our physical world. How can I make that assertion?

I can make the assertion that the Spirit World is more real than the physical world because I come from the Spirit World. I am in possession of physical senses that are ultra-sensitive to the more subtle aspects of Spirit. I can see into the Spirit World. I have lifted the veil and looked in. I have encountered all kinds of Spirits from many different dimensions. I have sloughed off the dream of the physical world being real because I experienced that it is not. What is real is the world beyond our human senses. If you want to experience the Spirit World, start with your mind, your dreams, your thoughts, your emotions. Can you see them? Maybe they are not real or maybe they are the more real part of you? What is unseen is the real world and what is seen is simply a simulation of the soul. 


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