Personal Power. What Is It? How Do You Get It?

When the Emperor, describing Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars” by saying, “The Force is strong with him,” he is essentially revealing that Skywalker has a great deal of personal power. A much oft talked about spiritual power, what is personal power and how do you get it?

First of all, everyone one is born with personal power but very few develop it. Personal power is the strength of our humanity as measured by the intensity of the vibratory power of one’s consciousness, beingness and awareness based on your willingness to be aware of it, accept it and use it. 

For example, humans are born with the potential of great personal power like an 11:11 Major Manifestor such as myself but I had to become aware of this power in myself, accept it and use it. It took me many years to understand, become comfortable with and practice using my personal power before I could be as skillful as I am now as a Major Manifestor and I am still working on this personal power. Now, I can give pure and conscious intent for a thing and watch it become reality. This is natural to everyone but very few in our world avail themselves of their personal power. So, how do we get our personal power? 

We get our personal power by working on ourselves. We first acknowledge that we have personal power and confidently set about developing it in ourselves. 

A great way to start developing your personal power is to work on controlling your mind, your emotions, your senses and your physical body. Let’s take the body for instance. In working to gain personal power and starting with your body, you would start with disciplining your body through exercise, right eating, fasting, massage, meditation, good sleep and good hydration. This is a way to gain transcendence over the body and gain greater personal power.


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