Perceiving Myself Clearly

 My job as a human being is to perceive myself clearly. What does that mean?

From my experience, perceiving myself clearly is being responsible for knowing and being a piece of Spirit, God, The All That Is, Infinite Creator God, Divine Intelligence that seeks to know itself as it’s creation. I am God as a human being and I know that AND in knowing that, I am responsible for knowing that all potentials are possible, that I am unlimited, have an abundance mindset and put these realities into practice. 

I am a being of the timeless now and as such, I know that my Earthly experience is a Soul Path designed to expand my awareness and my Spiritual Journey encompasses all my soul paths on all the Earth’s I incarnate on as well as my experiences between Soul Paths. My Spiritual Journey spans the arc of infinity. I take responsibility for my Soul Path and my Spiritual Journey by being aware of what I am here for. Anything less than my being aware of this is being irresponsible and a distortion of my intent, God’s Plan. 


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