Life Travels With You, Not To, For or Through You

 As a being who has incarnated into human form, I take responsibility for the action of living on Earth by consciously traversing my soul path with awareness and as such, I know I travel on my path WITH life and I find nothing happens to, for or through me. I make life happen as an experience and as I do that, life responds in experiences me in a two-way Street. What does that mean? 

What it means when I make life happen as a two-way Street is that I acknowledge that life is always waiting for me, is there for me to take the action and that together, we determine what happens. I am not at the mercy of another, of what is out there although I recognize that I cannot make anyone or anything do something. I am simply putting out my pure conscious intent of what is in everyone’s best interest. 

I will still have ups and downs, still stumble and fall, still make mistakes and I do so knowing that I am learning and growing from these experiences. I am not suffering from them. I am not unhappy. I acknowledge that I am moving forward in life with a pure heart and pure intent and that I will achieve better results. I no longer ask, “Why is that happening to me?” I now give intent for a thing to happen by stating, “I give intent and thank you that such and such a thing is true, is happening now.” Then, I accept the consequences of my intent, good, bad or indifferent with grace although I don’t ever see life as bad or indifferent. Life is always there for me when I ask it to be.


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