Monday, October 26, 2020

Personal Power. What Is It? How Do You Get It?

When the Emperor, describing Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars” by saying, “The Force is strong with him,” he is essentially revealing that Skywalker has a great deal of personal power. A much oft talked about spiritual power, what is personal power and how do you get it?

First of all, everyone one is born with personal power but very few develop it. Personal power is the strength of our humanity as measured by the intensity of the vibratory power of one’s consciousness, beingness and awareness based on your willingness to be aware of it, accept it and use it. 

For example, humans are born with the potential of great personal power like an 11:11 Major Manifestor such as myself but I had to become aware of this power in myself, accept it and use it. It took me many years to understand, become comfortable with and practice using my personal power before I could be as skillful as I am now as a Major Manifestor and I am still working on this personal power. Now, I can give pure and conscious intent for a thing and watch it become reality. This is natural to everyone but very few in our world avail themselves of their personal power. So, how do we get our personal power? 

We get our personal power by working on ourselves. We first acknowledge that we have personal power and confidently set about developing it in ourselves. 

A great way to start developing your personal power is to work on controlling your mind, your emotions, your senses and your physical body. Let’s take the body for instance. In working to gain personal power and starting with your body, you would start with disciplining your body through exercise, right eating, fasting, massage, meditation, good sleep and good hydration. This is a way to gain transcendence over the body and gain greater personal power.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Psychic Spirit Realm Is More Real Than A McDonald’s Hamburger?

 My life experience is one that is an intimate and close connection to the Sprit World or what I refer to as the “Psychic Realm.” This Realm is simply a different vibratory level, a different dimension than our own third dimension of so-called physical or sensate reality but more real if not more real than that McDonald’s hamburger you are eating. From my perch in the Spirit World, I see that most humans perceive the Spirit World as fake news. They see the Spirit World as unreal, scary, spooky, weird, unknowable, etc. Why is that?

The reason most people perceive the Spirit World as unreal and spooky is because they have been brainwashed, trained, conditioned to see it that way by society enmeshed in materialism that says only the sensate or physical is real and anything beyond that doesn’t exist. What cannot be seen or touched by the physical body is not there they say. I am saying that the unseen world is not only real, it’s more real than our physical world. How can I make that assertion?

I can make the assertion that the Spirit World is more real than the physical world because I come from the Spirit World. I am in possession of physical senses that are ultra-sensitive to the more subtle aspects of Spirit. I can see into the Spirit World. I have lifted the veil and looked in. I have encountered all kinds of Spirits from many different dimensions. I have sloughed off the dream of the physical world being real because I experienced that it is not. What is real is the world beyond our human senses. If you want to experience the Spirit World, start with your mind, your dreams, your thoughts, your emotions. Can you see them? Maybe they are not real or maybe they are the more real part of you? What is unseen is the real world and what is seen is simply a simulation of the soul. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Life Travels With You, Not To, For or Through You

 As a being who has incarnated into human form, I take responsibility for the action of living on Earth by consciously traversing my soul path with awareness and as such, I know I travel on my path WITH life and I find nothing happens to, for or through me. I make life happen as an experience and as I do that, life responds in experiences me in a two-way Street. What does that mean? 

What it means when I make life happen as a two-way Street is that I acknowledge that life is always waiting for me, is there for me to take the action and that together, we determine what happens. I am not at the mercy of another, of what is out there although I recognize that I cannot make anyone or anything do something. I am simply putting out my pure conscious intent of what is in everyone’s best interest. 

I will still have ups and downs, still stumble and fall, still make mistakes and I do so knowing that I am learning and growing from these experiences. I am not suffering from them. I am not unhappy. I acknowledge that I am moving forward in life with a pure heart and pure intent and that I will achieve better results. I no longer ask, “Why is that happening to me?” I now give intent for a thing to happen by stating, “I give intent and thank you that such and such a thing is true, is happening now.” Then, I accept the consequences of my intent, good, bad or indifferent with grace although I don’t ever see life as bad or indifferent. Life is always there for me when I ask it to be.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Where Does God Live?

 I asked myself the question of, “where does God live?” and I received the answer and now, I am asking you where does God live? Do you know where God lives? I do and I am going to tell you.

You are probably asking, how do I know where God lives and who did I receive the answer from about where God lives? Did God tell me?

First, the reason I am asking the question about whether you know where God live is because I know many people believe God is a he or she that lives in the sky somewhere in a place called Heaven. They see God as a man or woman wearing a white robe, sitting on a throne. That prevailing belief in what God is and where God lives is misleading and misinformed. How do I know? God told me. So, where does God live?

I learned in this lifetime that I have a unique connection with God being a Spirit cell of God in the eternal now. I discovered that God is a consciousness, beingness and awareness that is apprehended by my (and your) human consciousness, beingness and awareness because that’s what humans are: God’s Creation as a lived, actionable, physical consciousness, beingness and awareness. We humans are God having a physical experience with God living inside us as soul, as Spirit and Monad in flesh. God is an energy and that energy is knowable through it’s Creation which humans are a part of. 

I know that the energy of God lives in me and that when I look both within and without at the creation I am in, I am seeing where God lives. God is right here and right there and I can go inside myself to tune into God and that attunement connects me with God in all, there and everywhere. 

So, where does God live? Within.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Perceiving Myself Clearly

 My job as a human being is to perceive myself clearly. What does that mean?

From my experience, perceiving myself clearly is being responsible for knowing and being a piece of Spirit, God, The All That Is, Infinite Creator God, Divine Intelligence that seeks to know itself as it’s creation. I am God as a human being and I know that AND in knowing that, I am responsible for knowing that all potentials are possible, that I am unlimited, have an abundance mindset and put these realities into practice. 

I am a being of the timeless now and as such, I know that my Earthly experience is a Soul Path designed to expand my awareness and my Spiritual Journey encompasses all my soul paths on all the Earth’s I incarnate on as well as my experiences between Soul Paths. My Spiritual Journey spans the arc of infinity. I take responsibility for my Soul Path and my Spiritual Journey by being aware of what I am here for. Anything less than my being aware of this is being irresponsible and a distortion of my intent, God’s Plan. 

Sunday, October 4, 2020

There Is No Need To Improve On Human Being

 I am God having a human experience. From this experience, I know there is no need to improve upon my human being. Why is that?

I have perceived that there is no reason to improve upon my human being because God does not create junk. What God creates is perfect as it is. No matter your condition, situation or appearance at birth, you are perfect as you are. It is you as your God condition that is perfect and your human condition is one in which you are meant to grow your awareness through a lower vibratory, physical level of ups and downs that challenge you to see your true nature of perfection just the way you are. 

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about here. As a human being, you are NOT born in original sin. You are born whole and perfect and you are born with and have chosen a specific body to complete whatever expansion of your soul’s awareness you have come to Earth to expand. On this soul path of awareness expansion, you choose all kinds of challenges, all kinds of ups and downs to assist you in expanding your soul’s awareness for the purpose of knowing your Self on a deeper level. You may have chosen conditions that are judged in the human consciousness like disease, sickness, deformity, hate, intolerance, evil, etc or any other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. These are meant for your soul growth. 

I have found that God does not look upon it’s creations as imperfect and in need of being made better. God is living through you in perfection to know itself more deeply through the panoply of human existence. 

When you look at yourself, see yourself, perceive yourself as on a path of expanding your soul’s awareness. I have discovered that with this perspective of my humanness, I can see why I am the way I am and have compassion for myself.