Are You Practicing Separation Consciousness?

 I no longer practice “separation consciousness” that says God, Spirit is out there somewhere. I am now in an awareness that says God, Spirit and I are one and the same. What does that mean and why should you care?

When I practice “Unity Consciousness” (which is the opposite of “Separation Consciousness”) that says I am God, Spirit, I accept and allow that I am part of God, a piece of God, a co-Creator capabable of all the traits of God except I have ego as a human. I have a sense of “I am,” I am slowed down Spirit that has absorbed my soul and causal body. I am God, Spirit having a physical, human experience that is designed to expand my awareness of being I Am so that I expand my awareness. I know more of the nature of God, Spirit within. 

Why is unity consciousness important and why should you care? Unity consciousness is important because it is the next stage of human consciousness evolution. It is important for humans to care about this because it allows humans to finally accept that they are a part of God, Spirit and God, Spirit is not out there somewhere. God, Spirit is right here. It is in each of us, right now, right here and we don’t have to wait for the hereafter to connect with God, Spirit because we are it now. We earn heaven on Earth by being heaven on Earth, by being God, Spirit.

I know this because I do this. I am this. Be God, Spirit now. 


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