Are We Humans Disrespecting The Concept Of God?

Are we humans disrespecting the concept of God? I perceive that the majority of humans on Earth totally disrespect the concept of God. Why do I perceive that?

I perceive that most humans on Earth disrespect the concept of God because they have the concept of what God really is all wrong. What is the true concept of God and how can humans gain respect for the reality of what God is?

From my shift to realizing what God really is, I can tell you that God is not “out there” in heaven somewhere. I have discovered that God is ME looking out through my physical eyes, having a human experience, witnessing it’s CREATION and noting it, observing it to understand it and appreciate it on ever deepening levels. I now respect God in accepting that I am a Spirit Cell of God enjoying the physical Universe that I created. OK those that label me a blasphemer, you still don’t get it. I don’t claim to be ALL of God. I am not ALL of God. I am a piece of God, a cell in the body of God but God just the same. I have ALL the characteristics, all the attributes, all the aspects of God as a tiny little cell of God just like the cells in my physical body have ALL the characteristics of what make me ME...DNA, etc. 

When I look out of my physical eyes at the physical reality my senses interpret, I recognize that I am part of God, God Having a physical experience through a physical CREATION (ME) and noting it, seeing it and it is in that awareness of God that I have the ultimate respect for God, not as a mystical concept divorced from myself by as a living entity that is me. 


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