We Humans Are Not What We Believe We Are

In my life experience, I have found most humans agree that they are what they believe they are and this that belief of what they are makes them morally right. I discovered that humans identifying themselves as their beliefs and behaving as such is an aspect of the thinking mind, the rational aspect of human intelligence and is a cognitive trap that is a human strength and a terrible human weakness at the same time when it traps us in limited realities. What do I mean by this?

What I mean by this is that humans tend to identify themselves by their beliefs when they are not solely their beliefs. Humans, I have found, are much more complex than their beliefs, who or what they identify as or with and in many cases, beliefs can be outdated and limiting. Let’s take the outdated belief that love is conditional which postulates that I love you because. I love you for different reasons based on what pleases me. From my experience, this is not love. Love is unconditional.

In other words, you don’t have to do anything to EARN my love. I am already loving and you are part of that loving. When I receive your unconditional love of me in reciprocity that creates a soulful exchange that we call soul mates. I have experienced this. It is not a belief. It is a way of being that goes beyond identifying myself as this or that. Loving is not a belief system. It is the glue that holds the Cosmos together. Be that glue rather than being your dogmatic idea of what you’re supposed to be. Love has no grievances.


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