To Know What God Is

I Know what God is and not through religion, spirituality or praying. Quite a claim, you’re exclaiming right about now. You would not be mistaken for thinking that this is an outrageous claim for me to make since I also believe most people don’t have the faintest clue what God is. I do. Here is what I know from experience.

In my intimate connection with and to God, I have found God to be All That Is, An Infinite Creator and Divine Intelligence that expresses as Consciousness, Beingness, and Awareness which humans describe as the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity translates into human form as Wisdom (Consciousness), Love (beingness) and Healing (Awareness). We humans have further described the Holy Trinity as The Father = Consciousness, The Son = beingness and The Holy Ghost = awareness. Going further, as God expresses itself as a Trinity, we can also say that it also relates to body, feeling and personality. Spirit is The I Am that overflights Consciousness and we humans embody that consciousness. We humans are the embodiment of The Holy Trinity.

As I am the embodiment of God’s Consciousness, by looking and going both within and outside myself, I can know God. I am a Spirit Cell in the body of God, that is inside me and outside me. I am God having a physical experience and this I know, this I am, this I accept, this I allow, and this I love.

When you come to the awareness that you are God in human form, you can know what God is.


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