The Truth of Anything Has A Funny Way Of Revealing Itself

I have found, in my experience, with the truth of anything, that it has an uncanny way of revealing itself in the end. Truth may not always come out right away but if you are patient, it will come out. You simply cannot hide or suppress the truth of any matter.

This includes people and no matter their lies, they will one day reveal the truth to you. You have to do nothing. The truth of any matter seeks to be known, seeks discovery, seeks to be revealed since that is the nature of truth. Truth wants you to know it. What is the issue with truth being hidden?

The reason for most truth being hidden is that most people don’t want to know the truth. Why is this? The reason most people don’t want to know the truth is because when they know the truth they can’t blame someone else for their faults, try as they may. When people know the truth, they can no longer put the responsibility of the creation THEY manifested onto someone or something else. They have to accept the responsibility of their actions and this is nearly impossible for most people to do. We are seeing this in many of our top leaders in the word who are now pointing fingers at others for what they are responsible for and created. This is an unconscious state that those who point the finger at others are in. Unconscious because the are trying to fool you, me and themselves that there is no such thing as conscious creation, which there certainly is.

Conscious creation is the true reality of who and what humans are. We are consciously aware beings who create our reality consciously. To say or do otherwise is distortion.


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