On Being An Ambassador Of Intent

As I continue on my soul path and spiritual journey, I continue to learn more about myself. I discovered today that I am a Divine Blueprint holder. Esoteric indeed to wrap one’s head around and I am in the process of bringing that beingness down into a visceral understanding. Right now, I understand that a part of being a Divine Blueprint Holder is akin to be an ambassador of the intent of Divine will of sorts. What does that mean?

It simply means that I am a Being on Earth that is the focus of God’s intent in physical form and guess what? All humans are this in varying degrees. In my case, I am conscious, as a human, of my role as a living focal point of God’s idea of being or I am. I hold God’s I am-ness in my presence on Earth and it talks to millions of beings saying “you ARE too.”

Being a conscious ambassador of God’s intent is done with great humility and humbleness as I have no need for fame, to wear my spirituality on my sleeve, to prove that I can do esoteric things, live in an Ashram, etc. I live abundantly yet simply. I have all my needs met. So, what can I do for you?

I can assert here and now that you are a piece of God yourself, having a slowed down spiritual experience we call hu-man, hu-wo-man. You too are God’s intent, God’s idea in form in order to continue knowing your Self at deeper and deeper levels. Your soul will continue to search within itself to learn more about itself that it may expand its awareness of itself exponentially. Your job is to do that consciously. I commend you to do that now.


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