Love And Above

From 50 years in this lifetime of work with Spirit, I have realized that reality is vibrational. What does that mean?

Realizing that reality as we experience it is vibrational means that all that we are, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual is awareness based on vibrational or frequency of our vibratory level. For example, when you have a mindset of shame, you are vibrating in the lowest frequency possible. When you have joy, you are vibrating in one of the highest vibrations. There is the vibrational reality of vibrating at Love and above. Love is the highest of human vibrations and there are even higher levels. What are these higher levels of vibratory reality?

Above Love there is the vibration of Christ consciousness which is an enlightened state of being. The state of Christ consciousness means that you have realized that you are a divine being in form and behave accordingly. For example, in the Christ consciousness state of being you would live in human body evincing abundance, peace, kindness, empathy, compassion, tolerance, diplomacy and joy. Many people are now raising their vibrational levels to be in a Christ conscious state of being and there are those beings, in human form on Earth who are vibrating above Love and Christ consciousness. This is the state of Cosmic consciousness, often called Galactic consciousness.

Where vibrating in a state of Cosmic consciousness puts you is in a state beyond karma, beyond good and bad, beyond time and space, beyond samsara, beyond maya, beyond glamour, and beyond religion. You vibrate on a level where you are unlimited, infinite, unconditional.

All can raise their vibrational levels to higher levels. This is accomplished through mental, emotional and spiritual  practices where you change your mindset from shame to love and forgiveness.  One can accomplish  this through meditation, affirmations, mantras, being in nature and deciding to move out of lower vibrating thoughts and emotions like shame, guilt, anger, hatred, intolerance, blame, grief, etc.
Moving into higher vibrational states takes lots of practice and dedication.  One must make up one’s mind to raise one’s vibrations to higher levels. MayI be the first one to encourage you to raise your vibratory levels today.


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