Everything Is An Aspect Of God

Everything in the physical reality and beyond that humans are and experience is God. Whether you are gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, trans, Black, Asian, Latino, Native American, White, female, male, you are a part of God. When you negate another human, you are negating God. Period. Why is there an argument around this truth, this reality?

There is an argument around the reality that humans are an aspect of God because most of the Catholics, Christians and Muslims were taught separation consciousness that promotes that God is out there somewhere and is not us. The people who follow these religions point to their books, the Bible and Koran, to justify the brainwashing that they are NOT God in form and say “blasphemy” when confronted with the fact that they are as aspect, an idea of God in form like everything else God made.

We humans are all God Having a physical, human experience. When humans begin to own this reality of being God (not the God as described in the Bible or Koran) all happiness, abundance, creation, peace, love, wisdom and healing will be their reality.


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