Being A Spirit Cell Affords Me High Intuition

From my experience, I am a Spirit Cell in the body of God. Even though I am in human form, I exhibit the traits common to God, to Spirit. One of the dominant traits of God I exhibit is high intuition. What does this trait do? What’s its importance?

As a Spirit Cell of God who exhibits God’s trait or aspect of high intuition, I function with high knowingness, high empathy, high sensitivity, high clairvoyance, high psychic awareness. I feel/know into everything. I know of the highest truths of reality and existence.

Please understand that this does not mean I know everything and that I am greater or better than anyone. I simply have a more expanded awareness that goes beyond time and space. Why is this important for you to hear and know?

This is important for you to hear and know because built into you too are aspects of Spirit, Soul and intuition that you can use to know the truths of everything. Intuition and imagination are powerful Spiritual aspects of all sentient beings and can be used to navigate through the vagaries of life. Each human has their own spiritual GPS system and is most useful for the creation of a life of peace, happiness, abundance, kindness, tolerance, joy and mercy.

May I suggest you now connect with your inherent intuition and use it to better your life. Intuition is not the dark arts, evil, bad, negative or spooky although it can be used for such. Intuition never leads you astray. It is a guiding system for the good, for the Light, for Love. Be Love now.


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