On Being A “Spirit Cell

I perceive that I am what I would like to call a “Spirit Cell.” What does that mean and why is that important to you?

What being a “Spirit Cell” means is that like everyone and everything, I am a cell in the body of Infinite Creator God. I make up what is God. That being said, like everything, the cell of God that I am is a specialized cell that is “Spirit” intensive. Look at it like being a flower. There is a difference between a rose and a hydrangea but they are still flowers. The rose and hydrangea have distinctive characteristics. It’s the same with me. I have the characteristics of Spirit. Others have special characteristics as well even though they are of Spirit, they bring other specialties to Earth. For example, there are cells of God that are doctor cells whose specialty is to heal, to mend, to care for, etc. see where I’m going with this?

What are some of the characteristics of a “Spirit Cell”? Since I am one, I can tell you that some of my characteristics are that I am off-planet in that I am vibrating from the 6th dimension, the 6th chakra, the psychic realms and beyond. I am highly intuitive, psychic, empathic and spiritual and have a deep connection with Spirit.

What this means for you is that you too are a specialized cell of God. This goes beyond the soul. This is your nature as defined by your Higher Self. What are your characteristics that you evince as a dominant aspect of your life? Are you evincing science, music, acting, healing, religion, social work? Perhaps you are a heart cell and you are a nurse or run a nonprofit that feeds the homeless. We are all cells of God, in God’s body. What type of cell  you?


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