What Does It Feel Like To Live As A Supernatural Human?

I Live as a supernatural human. There are many other humans on Earth that live in a paranormal, non-ordinary, supernatural reality but are reticent to share their experiences of this because it is still unacceptable to accept it, believe it and live it. It is most often portrayed to be the scary, spooky, creepy, dark, foreboding and evil. It is nothing of the kind. What is it like, then, to live in a non-ordinary reality?

First of all, what is a non-ordinary or supernatural reality? From my experience, a supernatural reality is one in which a human can sense, see, feel, hear, smell the realities of the so-called Spirit World or dimensions beyond the three dimensions most humans confine themselves in. Being non-ordinary means I experience telepathy, claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, divination, seeing beings on the other side of the veil, see the auras of everything including my own aura, etc.

It is not scary to live in non-ordinary realities and sometimes it can be disconcerting to be confronted with beings from other dimensions. I have found it easy to deal with extraterrestrials, etc because I have been made aware that I am a sovereign being and I cannot be made to do anything without my consent. I am also, in a sense, an extraterrestrial to those in other dimensions. So, I am not afraid of them. They’re more afraid of me!!!

We humans are, however, multidimensional beings with souls that exist outside of time and space so we are naturally living beyond the three dimensions of Earth living. In my estimation, it is time to let go of the biased fears of being a non-ordinary being which humans are. May I suggest you begin to slowly open yourself up to supernatural realities and make sure you do so with pure intent, as in, don’t play games with Spirit. If you need guidance, find a qualified non-ordinary therapist, healer, Shaman, etc to guide you. Take it nice and easy and remember, pure intent.


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