Inner Clarity Does Not Come From The Mind

As a Blue Ray Being vibrating the Blue Spiritual Ray, I have been gifted with natural intuition and imagination to a heightened degree. Why is this important to discuss and how does it relate to YOU?

The subject of my natural intuition and imagination that is heightened to a non-ordinary degree is important to discuss now because all humans are inherently endowed with intuition and imagination.

The issue of how this relates to YOU is that, from my observation and experience, most humans discount their intuition and imagination and it is these very aspects and not the mind, ego, persona or psyche, that brings clarity of purpose, mission, soul, wisdom, healing and peace. Intuition and imagination are more real than your brain and personality. They are your impersonal Self that is capable of loving-detachment which is your non-ordinary state of being that helps you to be neutral, impartial and removed from ego while still having a relationship with it. Why is this important?

Listening to the impersonal voice of your intuition and imagination is important, I have found, because these aspects of our selves bring true clarity to our daily lives. Intuition and imagination have no ability to lie or misdirect as the ego does. This is not about dissolving or getting rid of the ego as we humans need it to navigate our world of persona/psyche/ego. It is about using these non-ordinary aspects in ourselves to bring more clarity to our lives. How is this so?

When you use your intuition and imagination, you are aligning with the realm of your Higher Self that is infinite, All That Is, Divine Intelligence and is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. It cannot and will not steer you wrong.

May I suggest that you begin to use your intuition and imagination without the stigma that it’s some kind of snowflake agenda. It’s as real as cornflakes.


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