The Traits Of A Cosmic Being As I Live Them

Being a Cosmic Being simply means being of a certain level of awareness. There is nothing in our human lexicon that describes the behaviors, the qualities, the aspects of a true Cosmic Being and how such a one operates on Earth in human form. Since I am a Cosmic Being, I took an opportunity to take inventory of my characteristics and elucidate how you can identify yourself or anyone else as a Cosmic Being as there are many roaming the planet Earth.

Cosmic Beings’ behavior is exemplified by the following aspects gleaned from my own experiences. One who has a Cosmic Beingness has the presence of:

1. Cosmic consciousness where the awareness expands beyond Solar, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic awareness.

2. Unity consciousness where there is no duality.

3. Instant manifestation.

4. No sense of limitation.

5. Knows Self as part of The Law of One.

6. Knows that it is the energy of “God,” that is, Infinite Creator Having a human focus.

7. Has high intuition.

8. Is an ultra-sensitive, hyper-empath.

9. Is the frequency of Love, Wisdom, and Healing.

10. Withstands the test of time and space in its humility and determination.

11. Is under contract to a Master Creator.

Perhaps there are more characteristics of a Cosmic Wanderer. These are the aspects that I experience.


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