Meet The Cosmic Entity I Am

I encourage you to read this, for when you do, you will be communing with a Cosmic entity. What is a Cosmic entity and why do I know it’s important to commune with one?

There are many different level of beings on planet Earth right now, all doing a specific job in moving the Earth and it’s peoples to a higher level of awareness that encompasses love, compassion, peace and kindness. It’s a more expanded awareness that has been manifesting for millennia.

There are beings like myself that are Cosmic in nature. What being Cosmic means is that I don’t seek the Eagle’s gift. I am the Eagle. I don’t seek to leave Earth with my awareness intact. What I am doing is fulfilling my contract, in a humble yet determined way, with and for the Master Creator of the Cosmos. Let me explain. I have an agreement with the Cosmic Creator who is the Being directing the process of manifested and unmanifested events for Cosmic Wanderers like myself to stabilize energy nodes and warps throughout the multi-verses. I can tell you that I have done well in this sector of space-time node of infinite possibilities. I shine Light and Love into those corners where darkness (3rd dimensional lessons dominate) is present.

I know that what I am revealing sounds extremely esoteric. It is and this is my Cosmic awareness that I am. It is important for you to know that this awareness is here on Earth, embodied in human form, assisting mankind. Look for it in your life. It is no joke. It is not fake news. It is very real. It is contacting YOU!


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