Why Am I A Prosperity Magnet?

I have been a prosperity magnet all my life. At first, I was an unconscious prosperity magnet because I had no clue how or why abundance always arrived in my life. I always identified with being prosperous as something one had to get. I was mistaken. So, why am I a conscious prosperity magnet today?

I am a conscious prosperity magnet today because I am aware that The All That Is Infinite Creator is in me, I am a fractal, a piece of, a cell of it and it’s nature is prosperity, it is a magnet for prosperity and there’s nothing you have to do. You just have to be it. What does that mean, you have to be it?

When I became aware that I was a piece of God and that made me a prosperity magnet because that’s what God is, a prosperity magnet, I had to surrender to, allow, align with, accept and be the prosperity that was already in me. This was a leap of faith, a quantum jump for me as I was trained to believe that God was out there somewhere and that prosperity was something I had to chase, I had to get. I realized that prosperity was something I already was inside and I simply had to be it. It was a 360 degree shift in my mindset to see and believe that I am a prosperity magnet within and I did not have to follow a messiah to get it or be it.

Today, I simply allow the “voice” of God within me in the form of hunches, intuition, gut instincts, psychic alerts, feelings, sensing, to guide me to being prosperous. It’s an on-going process of remembering to let go of the trappings of the ego that demands you work hard instead of working smart. Use implicit intent not explicit intent. Don’t obsess and do accept that YOU are God within yourself and are a prosperity magnet from birth.


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