There Is No Messiah Or Savior Outside Yourself Coming to Save You!

I’ve been on Earth for millennia, in different bodies of course, experiencing a time in human history when there was no Catholicism, no Christianity, No Judaism, no Islamism, no Buddhism. Yes, of course there were other isms but not the ones we know in our current society. From my experience, you cannot label the spiritual pursuits of the pre-Christian world as “pagan” as if Christianity modernized the savages on the plains. Humans have always been spiritual but they have not always believed that there was a messiah or some Godly being coming to save them. The idea of a messiah and savior is a concept made up by humans who developed “separation-consciousness.” What does that mean?

“Separation-Consciousness” is the consciousness that humans and God are separate. It believes that God is a man out there somewhere or a concept in a place called heaven and that there is a person, named Jesus, who is God’s son come to Earth. This was made up by people. The true messiah, the true savior is each human being who is endowed with Christ-consciousness and who can do all the things God and a savior can do. Each human is endowed with the ability to walk on water, raise the dead, turn water into wine, create an abundance of food out of one piece of bread, etc.

We humans are our own messiahs, our own saviors. There is no messiah or savior coming to save Earth or it’s people. You must be your own messiah, your own savior. Any savior that comes is telling you that you can save yourself. How do you save yourself? Believe in the God within that you are and take responsibility for your creations, good, bad or indifferent.


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