The Human Body Is The Hardware; The Soul/Spirit Is The Software

It is from my experience existing as a being of the “double realm” that I am aware that my body is a hardware of sorts and my soul is a software of sorts. First, what is the “double realm” and how did it make me aware that my body is hardware and my soul is software?

The “double realm” is an expression used for the two realms of space and time that the human body exists in AND the now realm that the soul exists in and it is in these two realms that we human souls exist in simultaneously. It seems to me that the human lives in a matrix of space and time giving it the feeling of going from point A to point B which humans call aging. In the now realm, there is no space and time and everything is the Infinite now. This now realm is the realm of the soul. The human body contains a complex of the physical, mental, emotional, soulful and spiritual all at once. However, in order for the body to be, it must have soul. When the soul leaves the body, the body is no longer in the realm of space and time and we call that death. The soul then goes back to the Infinite now and is not dead. It is very alive in the now. In this construct of the “double realm,” the body acts as a vessel for the soul. Like a computer that is made of material objects and is designed to hold electrical currents that create a virtual reality, the body is the material stuff that holds the virtual reality of the soul. It is a complex. You can’t separate the soul from the body and expect the body to function. It’s a  homogeneous unit that all works together just like a computer.

The computer is the hardware and the computer program is the software. The same is true of the human. Our body complex is the hardware and our soul is the software.

 The purpose for being human is to write increasingly more expanded software programs. Please ask yourself, “Who or what writes the expanding awareness software programs of the soul as it has a human experience”?


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