I Was Already Married Under The “Eyes Of God”

I met the love of my life in the winter of 1976 on the upper West Side of Manhattan in the basement of a church on Fifth Avenue and Central Park West. I had been alone, cold, broke and in a part of New York unknown to me at the time. The city of New York was dirty, blighted, grungy and scary at that time and it was in the midst of this that the love of my life walked in, appeared.

Within three months we were living together and within the year, I met her parents. She told me that her father said to her that she was already married to me in the eyes of God because we had not gotten married yet by the State. I thought I understood what her father meant by “married in the eyes of God” and thought I knew why HE said it. I did not until now. What does it mean to be married in the eyes of God?

What it means to be married in the eyes of God when you don’t have a marriage certificate and why her father believed this is because there was genuine love between the love of my life and myself. It was the love of holy matrimony in that I accepted her for who and what she was. I cared about her. I had compassion for her. I had unconditional love for her and she had the same for me.

God is that love and since we had the bond of true love, it could be felt by others and it was felt by her father when he said, “You are already married in the eyes of God.”

When you have true Love in your heart, you have upon you the eyes of God within you. I’m not talking about romantic love or the concept of love. I mean real love which is unconditional and has no grievances. When you have this kind of love in you, you are truly God in form.


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