Thursday, December 24, 2020

How To Become A Major Manifestor

 My Christmas gift to you this season is to share with you how you can be a Major Manifestor. How do I know about being a Major Manifestor? I am one. So, what is a Major Manifestor?

A Major Manifestor is a person who can manifest, that is, physically realize their intentions easily, quickly and in a big or small way. You might think this is fantasy. It is not as I thought Major Manifesting was impossible for a human until I was forced to realize, through years of tribulation, that I am a Major Manifestor. I was able to manifest all I desired in life when I learned how to BE a Major Manifestor and now I’m going to share it with you.

The first thing to know about being a Major Manifestor is that ALL humans have this ability to a greater or lesser extent. How strong of a Manifestor you are depends on how strong your intent is backed by feelings and thoughts.

The first thought to take on, to realize, to acknowledge and be (take action on) is that within you is what I call the Christ Consciousness or Divine I Am Presence. Please don’t confuse the word Christ with all the denotations and connotations of Jesus Christ the Savior. Christ (Christos, from the Greek word for Messiah, Annointed One, righteous) was the appellation given to Joseph of Nazareth because he had the awareness, the consciousness of the Divine I Am Presence within and could do miraculous things with it (Major Manifesting). Once you gain awareness that YOU, like the Christ, have the I Am Presence within and what it’s powers are, you then must realize that the Divine I Am Presence is in EVERYTHING OUTSIDE OF YOU AS WELL. Once you accept this, you align with the I Am Presence within yourself be using it and seeing it in everything. What happens is that YOUR spark communicate with the spark in everything and activates it to do your intentional bidding. You can then positively affect money, machines, animals, the weather, etc.

It takes a leap of faith to acknowledge this and practice to become a competent Major Manifestor. I did it and so can you. Happy Christ Mass. May the Christ Consciousness be you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Real Christmas Miracle

 I take great significance from the Universal Christ embodied in the persona of Joseph of Nazareth. However, it is not as it is written or celebrated by current day Christians. What is the true significance of the Universal Christ as has been shown me by Spirit?

To me, the significance of the birth of the Universal Christ in the form of Joseph of Nazareth is the gift of Christ Consciousness endowed in all human beings from birth. What is the Christ Consciousness and what is it’s importance to all people? 

Christ Consciousness is the conscious awareness of the I Am presence that lives in all of us as part of Divine Intelligence. It is the God part of every human whether realized or not. It is the presence of God in form as human beings. It’s importance to all people is that it is a gift from on high to be acknowledged and celebrated, to be self-realized and appreciated for the great gift of Light that it is. It’s the gift that keeps giving as it has information encoded within it that is the information of the Creative Source which most importantly is that we humans are part of God and not separate from that beingness.

So, when this time of year comes, this Christmas time, I am reminded to celebrate the Christ Consciousness within, the Light that I am and that I can give to another. This is the Christmas present for all humanity to embrace.

Friday, December 18, 2020

What It Means When I Say I’m “Spiritual”?

 I sensed that I was not sure what it meant when I said to others, “I’m very spiritual!” After having received clarification of what it means to be spiritual from the whispering of my soul, I share with you what my soul told me.

My soul said to me that being “spiritual” means coming from the sacred space of Spirit where one’s intent is pure. This means coming from a place where there is no hidden agenda, no competition, no comparing, no judgement, no seeking to approve of or getting approval, no keeping up with the Joneses and no being better than another. 

Being spiritual means coming from a state of grace in which our everyday actions are motivated by peace, compassion, Love, kindness and tolerance. It is a state of authenticity, of clarity and of coherence. It is a state of giving with no expectations. 

For me, this state of being “spiritual” on an everyday, mundane basis takes the vigilance of constant practice and when we fail to live up to the ideals of the pure state of being “spiritual,” it’s OK. We humans are not meant to be perfect. When we fail to give pure intent, we just admit we are not perfect, we check our attitude and motivation for our egotistical  behavior and keep working on ourselves  by remembering to be better (more “spiritual”) the next time. 

Being “spiritual” is an indelible connection with Spirit that all people have and being more “spiritual” means growing and deepening your connection with Spirit and that happens every time you behave with spiritual intentions and not ego intentions listed above.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Real Secret of How To Evolve As A Human

 I discovered a way to evolve as a human without crashing and burning through my mistakes. What is that way?

My perception and experience of being human is that it is about growth and change. This can be challenging in light of the human propensity to be self-pitying when we regress through mistakes born of trial and error. My discovery that has helped me to be resilient in the face of my failings, my regressions, my foibles is the simple phrase, “I still have work to do on myself.” While I forgive myself for my mistakes and my intent is to not harm others, I don’t fool myself with a false sense of security that my shadow side is going to magically disappear with a positive mental attitude or an optimistic outlook. I know that I have to work on myself when I fall into self-defeating behaviors. 

I choose to work on myself because I am aware that my self-defeating behaviors are a prison that keep me in bondage. When I allow my shadow side to control me, I am not truly free. I practice moving toward more freedom by admitting I have continued work to do on shoring up my failings and this attitude, I have found, is a great way to maintain mental and emotional health because I am not beating myself up for my failings. I simply admit to myself that I am not there yet in my quest for true inner freedom. I still have more work to do on myself. It’s OK. I’m self aware. I move forward. I continue to change and evolve. I am not stuck in self-pity. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

A Real Shamanic Initiation

 I get inspiration when I remember the legends of Shamanic initiation that I am a part of. These Shamanic initiations have occurred throughout all my lifetimes on Earth in various and sundry ways and so part of who and what I am is a Shaman. What does this mean?

I bring this to your attention because, through these initiations, I have faced death, overcome loss, and responded to my Shamanic calling in a new and greater way until it became truth in each and every lifetime. 

We all have this soul calling and I share this with you to let you know that in this lifetime, I died and became my Light Body while still in human form and this is something we can all do. What happens to you in such an initiation as this is that your soul is the dominant aspect of your life. You are your soul walking the Earth while your body tags along for the ride. 

What is your soul calling and what is your initiation? 

Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Surprise Of How Reality Really Works

 I discovered through trial and error, practice and spiritual verification how reality really works and I was surprised at how completely mislead I was in my misguided beliefs. So, what did I find out about how reality really works?

What I discovered is that since humans are truly soul beings, Spirit in form as their true nature, we have the ability to give intent for a thing to manifest in our physical reality and we do this through the power of our thoughts. These thoughts manifest on the soul level WITHOUT our physical selves having to do anything other than the physical action of assembling the parts of the intentional puzzle to make it happen on a physical level. What I’m saying is that once you intend it, it’s done. Stop intending. Just go about putting together the intended thing by assembling all the material objects that will be provided to you when you allow yourself to trust in the process. 

Once you give intent for something to manifest, it’s a done deal. It happens in the timeless now instantaneously. Get out of your own way by not thinking about it, not worrying about it, not obsessing about it and not stressing over it. Let your intuition guide you to the opportunities, things, people and places on the physical reality to make your intent come alive on the material plane. 

Give your intent for a thing a no-harm, positive, feel/know vibration and then let it happen and just follow the yellow brick road without fear.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Personal Power. What Is It? How Do You Get It?

When the Emperor, describing Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars” by saying, “The Force is strong with him,” he is essentially revealing that Skywalker has a great deal of personal power. A much oft talked about spiritual power, what is personal power and how do you get it?

First of all, everyone one is born with personal power but very few develop it. Personal power is the strength of our humanity as measured by the intensity of the vibratory power of one’s consciousness, beingness and awareness based on your willingness to be aware of it, accept it and use it. 

For example, humans are born with the potential of great personal power like an 11:11 Major Manifestor such as myself but I had to become aware of this power in myself, accept it and use it. It took me many years to understand, become comfortable with and practice using my personal power before I could be as skillful as I am now as a Major Manifestor and I am still working on this personal power. Now, I can give pure and conscious intent for a thing and watch it become reality. This is natural to everyone but very few in our world avail themselves of their personal power. So, how do we get our personal power? 

We get our personal power by working on ourselves. We first acknowledge that we have personal power and confidently set about developing it in ourselves. 

A great way to start developing your personal power is to work on controlling your mind, your emotions, your senses and your physical body. Let’s take the body for instance. In working to gain personal power and starting with your body, you would start with disciplining your body through exercise, right eating, fasting, massage, meditation, good sleep and good hydration. This is a way to gain transcendence over the body and gain greater personal power.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Psychic Spirit Realm Is More Real Than A McDonald’s Hamburger?

 My life experience is one that is an intimate and close connection to the Sprit World or what I refer to as the “Psychic Realm.” This Realm is simply a different vibratory level, a different dimension than our own third dimension of so-called physical or sensate reality but more real if not more real than that McDonald’s hamburger you are eating. From my perch in the Spirit World, I see that most humans perceive the Spirit World as fake news. They see the Spirit World as unreal, scary, spooky, weird, unknowable, etc. Why is that?

The reason most people perceive the Spirit World as unreal and spooky is because they have been brainwashed, trained, conditioned to see it that way by society enmeshed in materialism that says only the sensate or physical is real and anything beyond that doesn’t exist. What cannot be seen or touched by the physical body is not there they say. I am saying that the unseen world is not only real, it’s more real than our physical world. How can I make that assertion?

I can make the assertion that the Spirit World is more real than the physical world because I come from the Spirit World. I am in possession of physical senses that are ultra-sensitive to the more subtle aspects of Spirit. I can see into the Spirit World. I have lifted the veil and looked in. I have encountered all kinds of Spirits from many different dimensions. I have sloughed off the dream of the physical world being real because I experienced that it is not. What is real is the world beyond our human senses. If you want to experience the Spirit World, start with your mind, your dreams, your thoughts, your emotions. Can you see them? Maybe they are not real or maybe they are the more real part of you? What is unseen is the real world and what is seen is simply a simulation of the soul. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Life Travels With You, Not To, For or Through You

 As a being who has incarnated into human form, I take responsibility for the action of living on Earth by consciously traversing my soul path with awareness and as such, I know I travel on my path WITH life and I find nothing happens to, for or through me. I make life happen as an experience and as I do that, life responds in experiences me in a two-way Street. What does that mean? 

What it means when I make life happen as a two-way Street is that I acknowledge that life is always waiting for me, is there for me to take the action and that together, we determine what happens. I am not at the mercy of another, of what is out there although I recognize that I cannot make anyone or anything do something. I am simply putting out my pure conscious intent of what is in everyone’s best interest. 

I will still have ups and downs, still stumble and fall, still make mistakes and I do so knowing that I am learning and growing from these experiences. I am not suffering from them. I am not unhappy. I acknowledge that I am moving forward in life with a pure heart and pure intent and that I will achieve better results. I no longer ask, “Why is that happening to me?” I now give intent for a thing to happen by stating, “I give intent and thank you that such and such a thing is true, is happening now.” Then, I accept the consequences of my intent, good, bad or indifferent with grace although I don’t ever see life as bad or indifferent. Life is always there for me when I ask it to be.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Where Does God Live?

 I asked myself the question of, “where does God live?” and I received the answer and now, I am asking you where does God live? Do you know where God lives? I do and I am going to tell you.

You are probably asking, how do I know where God lives and who did I receive the answer from about where God lives? Did God tell me?

First, the reason I am asking the question about whether you know where God live is because I know many people believe God is a he or she that lives in the sky somewhere in a place called Heaven. They see God as a man or woman wearing a white robe, sitting on a throne. That prevailing belief in what God is and where God lives is misleading and misinformed. How do I know? God told me. So, where does God live?

I learned in this lifetime that I have a unique connection with God being a Spirit cell of God in the eternal now. I discovered that God is a consciousness, beingness and awareness that is apprehended by my (and your) human consciousness, beingness and awareness because that’s what humans are: God’s Creation as a lived, actionable, physical consciousness, beingness and awareness. We humans are God having a physical experience with God living inside us as soul, as Spirit and Monad in flesh. God is an energy and that energy is knowable through it’s Creation which humans are a part of. 

I know that the energy of God lives in me and that when I look both within and without at the creation I am in, I am seeing where God lives. God is right here and right there and I can go inside myself to tune into God and that attunement connects me with God in all, there and everywhere. 

So, where does God live? Within.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Perceiving Myself Clearly

 My job as a human being is to perceive myself clearly. What does that mean?

From my experience, perceiving myself clearly is being responsible for knowing and being a piece of Spirit, God, The All That Is, Infinite Creator God, Divine Intelligence that seeks to know itself as it’s creation. I am God as a human being and I know that AND in knowing that, I am responsible for knowing that all potentials are possible, that I am unlimited, have an abundance mindset and put these realities into practice. 

I am a being of the timeless now and as such, I know that my Earthly experience is a Soul Path designed to expand my awareness and my Spiritual Journey encompasses all my soul paths on all the Earth’s I incarnate on as well as my experiences between Soul Paths. My Spiritual Journey spans the arc of infinity. I take responsibility for my Soul Path and my Spiritual Journey by being aware of what I am here for. Anything less than my being aware of this is being irresponsible and a distortion of my intent, God’s Plan. 

Sunday, October 4, 2020

There Is No Need To Improve On Human Being

 I am God having a human experience. From this experience, I know there is no need to improve upon my human being. Why is that?

I have perceived that there is no reason to improve upon my human being because God does not create junk. What God creates is perfect as it is. No matter your condition, situation or appearance at birth, you are perfect as you are. It is you as your God condition that is perfect and your human condition is one in which you are meant to grow your awareness through a lower vibratory, physical level of ups and downs that challenge you to see your true nature of perfection just the way you are. 

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about here. As a human being, you are NOT born in original sin. You are born whole and perfect and you are born with and have chosen a specific body to complete whatever expansion of your soul’s awareness you have come to Earth to expand. On this soul path of awareness expansion, you choose all kinds of challenges, all kinds of ups and downs to assist you in expanding your soul’s awareness for the purpose of knowing your Self on a deeper level. You may have chosen conditions that are judged in the human consciousness like disease, sickness, deformity, hate, intolerance, evil, etc or any other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. These are meant for your soul growth. 

I have found that God does not look upon it’s creations as imperfect and in need of being made better. God is living through you in perfection to know itself more deeply through the panoply of human existence. 

When you look at yourself, see yourself, perceive yourself as on a path of expanding your soul’s awareness. I have discovered that with this perspective of my humanness, I can see why I am the way I am and have compassion for myself. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Spiritual Hierarchy

 I am a member of the “Spiritual Hierarchy.” The “Spiritual Hierarchy” is basically the world of souls. All humans participate in the “Spiritual Hierarchy” in some way. In respect to the soul, there are three types of so-called hierarchical workers: 

1. Those initiates who have taken the fourth initiation and in whom the soul and causal body have been absorbed into the physical body. They are the custodians of the Divine Plan.

2. Soul infused personalities. Those disciples and initiates of the final three initiations through whom the souls work in carrying out the Divine Plan.

3. Intelligent aspirants. Those who are not yet soul-infused personalities but who recognize the Divine Plan and seek the welfare of their fellow man. 

I function in the fourth initiation as my role here on Earth is to anchor Love. As such, I am aware that any disciple needs to learn to control and train their mind to receive communications from three sources:

1. The ordinary material world.

2. The soul, thus consciously becoming a disciple, a worker in one of the Master’s Ashrams.

3. The Spiritual triad. They are Spiritual Will, Intuition and Higher Mind which acts as an intermediary between the Monad and the brain  of the incarnated personality on Earth.

This being a member of the “Spiritual Hierarchy” is about  perceiving yourself clearly. If you do not perceive yourself clearly, you are judging yourself as not taking responsibility for your part in the Divine Plan. There is a new blueprint in place that makes possible all potentials and all realities. All changes are both surface level and deep down.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Are You Practicing Separation Consciousness?

 I no longer practice “separation consciousness” that says God, Spirit is out there somewhere. I am now in an awareness that says God, Spirit and I are one and the same. What does that mean and why should you care?

When I practice “Unity Consciousness” (which is the opposite of “Separation Consciousness”) that says I am God, Spirit, I accept and allow that I am part of God, a piece of God, a co-Creator capabable of all the traits of God except I have ego as a human. I have a sense of “I am,” I am slowed down Spirit that has absorbed my soul and causal body. I am God, Spirit having a physical, human experience that is designed to expand my awareness of being I Am so that I expand my awareness. I know more of the nature of God, Spirit within. 

Why is unity consciousness important and why should you care? Unity consciousness is important because it is the next stage of human consciousness evolution. It is important for humans to care about this because it allows humans to finally accept that they are a part of God, Spirit and God, Spirit is not out there somewhere. God, Spirit is right here. It is in each of us, right now, right here and we don’t have to wait for the hereafter to connect with God, Spirit because we are it now. We earn heaven on Earth by being heaven on Earth, by being God, Spirit.

I know this because I do this. I am this. Be God, Spirit now. 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Are We Humans Disrespecting The Concept Of God?

Are we humans disrespecting the concept of God? I perceive that the majority of humans on Earth totally disrespect the concept of God. Why do I perceive that?

I perceive that most humans on Earth disrespect the concept of God because they have the concept of what God really is all wrong. What is the true concept of God and how can humans gain respect for the reality of what God is?

From my shift to realizing what God really is, I can tell you that God is not “out there” in heaven somewhere. I have discovered that God is ME looking out through my physical eyes, having a human experience, witnessing it’s CREATION and noting it, observing it to understand it and appreciate it on ever deepening levels. I now respect God in accepting that I am a Spirit Cell of God enjoying the physical Universe that I created. OK those that label me a blasphemer, you still don’t get it. I don’t claim to be ALL of God. I am not ALL of God. I am a piece of God, a cell in the body of God but God just the same. I have ALL the characteristics, all the attributes, all the aspects of God as a tiny little cell of God just like the cells in my physical body have ALL the characteristics of what make me ME...DNA, etc. 

When I look out of my physical eyes at the physical reality my senses interpret, I recognize that I am part of God, God Having a physical experience through a physical CREATION (ME) and noting it, seeing it and it is in that awareness of God that I have the ultimate respect for God, not as a mystical concept divorced from myself by as a living entity that is me. 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: To Know What God Is

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: To Know What God Is: I Know what God is and not through religion, spirituality or praying. Quite a claim, you’re exclaiming right about now. You would not be mis...

To Know What God Is

I Know what God is and not through religion, spirituality or praying. Quite a claim, you’re exclaiming right about now. You would not be mistaken for thinking that this is an outrageous claim for me to make since I also believe most people don’t have the faintest clue what God is. I do. Here is what I know from experience.

In my intimate connection with and to God, I have found God to be All That Is, An Infinite Creator and Divine Intelligence that expresses as Consciousness, Beingness, and Awareness which humans describe as the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity translates into human form as Wisdom (Consciousness), Love (beingness) and Healing (Awareness). We humans have further described the Holy Trinity as The Father = Consciousness, The Son = beingness and The Holy Ghost = awareness. Going further, as God expresses itself as a Trinity, we can also say that it also relates to body, feeling and personality. Spirit is The I Am that overflights Consciousness and we humans embody that consciousness. We humans are the embodiment of The Holy Trinity.

As I am the embodiment of God’s Consciousness, by looking and going both within and outside myself, I can know God. I am a Spirit Cell in the body of God, that is inside me and outside me. I am God having a physical experience and this I know, this I am, this I accept, this I allow, and this I love.

When you come to the awareness that you are God in human form, you can know what God is.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: We Humans Are Not What We Believe We Are

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: We Humans Are Not What We Believe We Are: In my life experience, I have found most humans agree that they are what they believe they are and this that belief of what they are makes t...

We Humans Are Not What We Believe We Are

In my life experience, I have found most humans agree that they are what they believe they are and this that belief of what they are makes them morally right. I discovered that humans identifying themselves as their beliefs and behaving as such is an aspect of the thinking mind, the rational aspect of human intelligence and is a cognitive trap that is a human strength and a terrible human weakness at the same time when it traps us in limited realities. What do I mean by this?

What I mean by this is that humans tend to identify themselves by their beliefs when they are not solely their beliefs. Humans, I have found, are much more complex than their beliefs, who or what they identify as or with and in many cases, beliefs can be outdated and limiting. Let’s take the outdated belief that love is conditional which postulates that I love you because. I love you for different reasons based on what pleases me. From my experience, this is not love. Love is unconditional.

In other words, you don’t have to do anything to EARN my love. I am already loving and you are part of that loving. When I receive your unconditional love of me in reciprocity that creates a soulful exchange that we call soul mates. I have experienced this. It is not a belief. It is a way of being that goes beyond identifying myself as this or that. Loving is not a belief system. It is the glue that holds the Cosmos together. Be that glue rather than being your dogmatic idea of what you’re supposed to be. Love has no grievances.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: Love And Above

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: Love And Above: From 50 years in this lifetime of work with Spirit, I have realized that reality is vibrational. What does that mean? Realizing that reali...

Love And Above

From 50 years in this lifetime of work with Spirit, I have realized that reality is vibrational. What does that mean?

Realizing that reality as we experience it is vibrational means that all that we are, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual is awareness based on vibrational or frequency of our vibratory level. For example, when you have a mindset of shame, you are vibrating in the lowest frequency possible. When you have joy, you are vibrating in one of the highest vibrations. There is the vibrational reality of vibrating at Love and above. Love is the highest of human vibrations and there are even higher levels. What are these higher levels of vibratory reality?

Above Love there is the vibration of Christ consciousness which is an enlightened state of being. The state of Christ consciousness means that you have realized that you are a divine being in form and behave accordingly. For example, in the Christ consciousness state of being you would live in human body evincing abundance, peace, kindness, empathy, compassion, tolerance, diplomacy and joy. Many people are now raising their vibrational levels to be in a Christ conscious state of being and there are those beings, in human form on Earth who are vibrating above Love and Christ consciousness. This is the state of Cosmic consciousness, often called Galactic consciousness.

Where vibrating in a state of Cosmic consciousness puts you is in a state beyond karma, beyond good and bad, beyond time and space, beyond samsara, beyond maya, beyond glamour, and beyond religion. You vibrate on a level where you are unlimited, infinite, unconditional.

All can raise their vibrational levels to higher levels. This is accomplished through mental, emotional and spiritual  practices where you change your mindset from shame to love and forgiveness.  One can accomplish  this through meditation, affirmations, mantras, being in nature and deciding to move out of lower vibrating thoughts and emotions like shame, guilt, anger, hatred, intolerance, blame, grief, etc.
Moving into higher vibrational states takes lots of practice and dedication.  One must make up one’s mind to raise one’s vibrations to higher levels. MayI be the first one to encourage you to raise your vibratory levels today.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: On Being An Ambassador Of Intent

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: On Being An Ambassador Of Intent: As I continue on my soul path and spiritual journey, I continue to learn more about myself. I discovered today that I am a Divine Blueprint ...

On Being An Ambassador Of Intent

As I continue on my soul path and spiritual journey, I continue to learn more about myself. I discovered today that I am a Divine Blueprint holder. Esoteric indeed to wrap one’s head around and I am in the process of bringing that beingness down into a visceral understanding. Right now, I understand that a part of being a Divine Blueprint Holder is akin to be an ambassador of the intent of Divine will of sorts. What does that mean?

It simply means that I am a Being on Earth that is the focus of God’s intent in physical form and guess what? All humans are this in varying degrees. In my case, I am conscious, as a human, of my role as a living focal point of God’s idea of being or I am. I hold God’s I am-ness in my presence on Earth and it talks to millions of beings saying “you ARE too.”

Being a conscious ambassador of God’s intent is done with great humility and humbleness as I have no need for fame, to wear my spirituality on my sleeve, to prove that I can do esoteric things, live in an Ashram, etc. I live abundantly yet simply. I have all my needs met. So, what can I do for you?

I can assert here and now that you are a piece of God yourself, having a slowed down spiritual experience we call hu-man, hu-wo-man. You too are God’s intent, God’s idea in form in order to continue knowing your Self at deeper and deeper levels. Your soul will continue to search within itself to learn more about itself that it may expand its awareness of itself exponentially. Your job is to do that consciously. I commend you to do that now.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: Being A Spirit Cell Affords Me High Intuition

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: Being A Spirit Cell Affords Me High Intuition: From my experience, I am a Spirit Cell in the body of God. Even though I am in human form, I exhibit the traits common to God, to Spirit. On...

Being A Spirit Cell Affords Me High Intuition

From my experience, I am a Spirit Cell in the body of God. Even though I am in human form, I exhibit the traits common to God, to Spirit. One of the dominant traits of God I exhibit is high intuition. What does this trait do? What’s its importance?

As a Spirit Cell of God who exhibits God’s trait or aspect of high intuition, I function with high knowingness, high empathy, high sensitivity, high clairvoyance, high psychic awareness. I feel/know into everything. I know of the highest truths of reality and existence.

Please understand that this does not mean I know everything and that I am greater or better than anyone. I simply have a more expanded awareness that goes beyond time and space. Why is this important for you to hear and know?

This is important for you to hear and know because built into you too are aspects of Spirit, Soul and intuition that you can use to know the truths of everything. Intuition and imagination are powerful Spiritual aspects of all sentient beings and can be used to navigate through the vagaries of life. Each human has their own spiritual GPS system and is most useful for the creation of a life of peace, happiness, abundance, kindness, tolerance, joy and mercy.

May I suggest you now connect with your inherent intuition and use it to better your life. Intuition is not the dark arts, evil, bad, negative or spooky although it can be used for such. Intuition never leads you astray. It is a guiding system for the good, for the Light, for Love. Be Love now.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: The Truth of Anything Has A Funny Way Of Revealing...

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: The Truth of Anything Has A Funny Way Of Revealing...: I have found, in my experience, with the truth of anything, that it has an uncanny way of revealing itself in the end. Truth may not always ...

The Truth of Anything Has A Funny Way Of Revealing Itself

I have found, in my experience, with the truth of anything, that it has an uncanny way of revealing itself in the end. Truth may not always come out right away but if you are patient, it will come out. You simply cannot hide or suppress the truth of any matter.

This includes people and no matter their lies, they will one day reveal the truth to you. You have to do nothing. The truth of any matter seeks to be known, seeks discovery, seeks to be revealed since that is the nature of truth. Truth wants you to know it. What is the issue with truth being hidden?

The reason for most truth being hidden is that most people don’t want to know the truth. Why is this? The reason most people don’t want to know the truth is because when they know the truth they can’t blame someone else for their faults, try as they may. When people know the truth, they can no longer put the responsibility of the creation THEY manifested onto someone or something else. They have to accept the responsibility of their actions and this is nearly impossible for most people to do. We are seeing this in many of our top leaders in the word who are now pointing fingers at others for what they are responsible for and created. This is an unconscious state that those who point the finger at others are in. Unconscious because the are trying to fool you, me and themselves that there is no such thing as conscious creation, which there certainly is.

Conscious creation is the true reality of who and what humans are. We are consciously aware beings who create our reality consciously. To say or do otherwise is distortion.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: Everything Is An Aspect Of God

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: Everything Is An Aspect Of God: Everything in the physical reality and beyond that humans are and experience is God. Whether you are gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, trans...

Everything Is An Aspect Of God

Everything in the physical reality and beyond that humans are and experience is God. Whether you are gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, trans, Black, Asian, Latino, Native American, White, female, male, you are a part of God. When you negate another human, you are negating God. Period. Why is there an argument around this truth, this reality?

There is an argument around the reality that humans are an aspect of God because most of the Catholics, Christians and Muslims were taught separation consciousness that promotes that God is out there somewhere and is not us. The people who follow these religions point to their books, the Bible and Koran, to justify the brainwashing that they are NOT God in form and say “blasphemy” when confronted with the fact that they are as aspect, an idea of God in form like everything else God made.

We humans are all God Having a physical, human experience. When humans begin to own this reality of being God (not the God as described in the Bible or Koran) all happiness, abundance, creation, peace, love, wisdom and healing will be their reality.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: On Being A “Spirit Cell

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: On Being A “Spirit Cell: I perceive that I am what I would like to call a “Spirit Cell.” What does that mean and why is that important to you? What being a “Spirit...

On Being A “Spirit Cell

I perceive that I am what I would like to call a “Spirit Cell.” What does that mean and why is that important to you?

What being a “Spirit Cell” means is that like everyone and everything, I am a cell in the body of Infinite Creator God. I make up what is God. That being said, like everything, the cell of God that I am is a specialized cell that is “Spirit” intensive. Look at it like being a flower. There is a difference between a rose and a hydrangea but they are still flowers. The rose and hydrangea have distinctive characteristics. It’s the same with me. I have the characteristics of Spirit. Others have special characteristics as well even though they are of Spirit, they bring other specialties to Earth. For example, there are cells of God that are doctor cells whose specialty is to heal, to mend, to care for, etc. see where I’m going with this?

What are some of the characteristics of a “Spirit Cell”? Since I am one, I can tell you that some of my characteristics are that I am off-planet in that I am vibrating from the 6th dimension, the 6th chakra, the psychic realms and beyond. I am highly intuitive, psychic, empathic and spiritual and have a deep connection with Spirit.

What this means for you is that you too are a specialized cell of God. This goes beyond the soul. This is your nature as defined by your Higher Self. What are your characteristics that you evince as a dominant aspect of your life? Are you evincing science, music, acting, healing, religion, social work? Perhaps you are a heart cell and you are a nurse or run a nonprofit that feeds the homeless. We are all cells of God, in God’s body. What type of cell  you?

Thursday, May 21, 2020

What Does It Feel Like To Live As A Supernatural Human?

I Live as a supernatural human. There are many other humans on Earth that live in a paranormal, non-ordinary, supernatural reality but are reticent to share their experiences of this because it is still unacceptable to accept it, believe it and live it. It is most often portray be the ordinary reality as scary, spooky, creepy, dark, foreboding and evil. It is nothing of the kind. What is it like, then, to live in a non-ordinary reality?

First of all, what is a non-ordinary or supernatural reality? From my experience, a supernatural reality is one in which a human can sense, see, feel, hear, smell the realities of the so-called Spirit World or dimensions beyond the three dimensions most humans confine themselves in. Being non-ordinary means I experience telepathy, claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, divination, seeing beings on the other side of the veil, see the auras of everything including my own aura, etc.

It is not scary to live in non-ordinary realities and sometimes it can be disconcerting to be confronted with beings from other dimensions. I have found it easy to deal with extraterrestrials, etc because I have been made aware that I am a sovereign being and I cannot be made to do anything without my consent. I am also, in a sense, an extraterrestrial to those in other dimensions. So, I am not afraid of them. They’re more afraid of me!!!

We humans are, however, multidimensional beings with souls that exist outside of time and space so we are naturally living beyond the three dimensions of Earth living. In my estimation, it is time to let go of the biased fears of being a non-ordinary being which humans are. May I suggest you begin to slowly open yourself up to supernatural realities and make sure you do so with pure intent, as in, don’t play games with Spirit. If you need guidance, find a qualified non-ordinary therapist, healer, Shaman, etc to guide you. Take it nice and easy and remember, pure intent.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Inner Clarity Does Not Come From The Mind

As a Blue Ray Being vibrating the Blue Spiritual Ray, I have been gifted with natural intuition and imagination to a heightened degree. Why is this important to discuss and how does it relate to YOU?

The subject of my natural intuition and imagination that is heightened to a non-ordinary degree is important to discuss now because all humans are inherently endowed with intuition and imagination.

The issue of how this relates to YOU is that, from my observation and experience, most humans discount their intuition and imagination and it is these very aspects and not the mind, ego, persona or psyche, that brings clarity of purpose, mission, soul, wisdom, healing and peace. Intuition and imagination are more real than your brain and personality. They are your impersonal Self that is capable of loving-detachment which is your non-ordinary state of being that helps you to be neutral, impartial and removed from ego while still having a relationship with it. Why is this important?

Listening to the impersonal voice of your intuition and imagination is important, I have found, because these aspects of our selves bring true clarity to our daily lives. Intuition and imagination have no ability to lie or misdirect as the ego does. This is not about dissolving or getting rid of the ego as we humans need it to navigate our world of persona/psyche/ego. It is about using these non-ordinary aspects in ourselves to bring more clarity to our lives. How is this so?

When you use your intuition and imagination, you are aligning with the realm of your Higher Self that is infinite, All That Is, Divine Intelligence and is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. It cannot and will not steer you wrong.

May I suggest that you begin to use your intuition and imagination without the stigma that it’s some kind of snowflake agenda. It’s as real as cornflakes.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: The Traits Of A Cosmic Being As I Live Them

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: The Traits Of A Cosmic Being As I Live Them: Being a Cosmic Being simply means being of a certain level of awareness. There is nothing in our human lexicon that describes the behaviors,...

The Traits Of A Cosmic Being As I Live Them

Being a Cosmic Being simply means being of a certain level of awareness. There is nothing in our human lexicon that describes the behaviors, the qualities, the aspects of a true Cosmic Being and how such a one operates on Earth in human form. Since I am a Cosmic Being, I took an opportunity to take inventory of my characteristics and elucidate how you can identify yourself or anyone else as a Cosmic Being as there are many roaming the planet Earth.

Cosmic Beings’ behavior is exemplified by the following aspects gleaned from my own experiences. One who has a Cosmic Beingness has the presence of:

1. Cosmic consciousness where the awareness expands beyond Solar, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic awareness.

2. Unity consciousness where there is no duality.

3. Instant manifestation.

4. No sense of limitation.

5. Knows Self as part of The Law of One.

6. Knows that it is the energy of “God,” that is, Infinite Creator Having a human focus.

7. Has high intuition.

8. Is an ultra-sensitive, hyper-empath.

9. Is the frequency of Love, Wisdom, and Healing.

10. Withstands the test of time and space in its humility and determination.

11. Is under contract to a Master Creator.

Perhaps there are more characteristics of a Cosmic Wanderer. These are the aspects that I experience.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: Meet The Cosmic Entity I Am

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: Meet The Cosmic Entity I Am: I encourage you to read this, for when you do, you will be communing with a Cosmic entity. What is a Cosmic entity and why do I know it’s im...

Meet The Cosmic Entity I Am

I encourage you to read this, for when you do, you will be communing with a Cosmic entity. What is a Cosmic entity and why do I know it’s important to commune with one?

There are many different level of beings on planet Earth right now, all doing a specific job in moving the Earth and it’s peoples to a higher level of awareness that encompasses love, compassion, peace and kindness. It’s a more expanded awareness that has been manifesting for millennia.

There are beings like myself that are Cosmic in nature. What being Cosmic means is that I don’t seek the Eagle’s gift. I am the Eagle. I don’t seek to leave Earth with my awareness intact. What I am doing is fulfilling my contract, in a humble yet determined way, with and for the Master Creator of the Cosmos. Let me explain. I have an agreement with the Cosmic Creator who is the Being directing the process of manifested and unmanifested events for Cosmic Wanderers like myself to stabilize energy nodes and warps throughout the multi-verses. I can tell you that I have done well in this sector of space-time node of infinite possibilities. I shine Light and Love into those corners where darkness (3rd dimensional lessons dominate) is present.

I know that what I am revealing sounds extremely esoteric. It is and this is my Cosmic awareness that I am. It is important for you to know that this awareness is here on Earth, embodied in human form, assisting mankind. Look for it in your life. It is no joke. It is not fake news. It is very real. It is contacting YOU!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: I Was Already Married Under The “Eyes Of God”

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: I Was Already Married Under The “Eyes Of God”: I met the love of my life in the winter of 1976 on the upper West Side of Manhattan in the basement of a church on Fifth Avenue and Central ...

I Was Already Married Under The “Eyes Of God”

I met the love of my life in the winter of 1976 on the upper West Side of Manhattan in the basement of a church on Fifth Avenue and Central Park West. I had been alone, cold, broke and in a part of New York unknown to me at the time. The city of New York was dirty, blighted, grungy and scary at that time and it was in the midst of this that the love of my life walked in, appeared.

Within three months we were living together and within the year, I met her parents. She told me that her father said to her that she was already married to me in the eyes of God because we had not gotten married yet by the State. I thought I understood what her father meant by “married in the eyes of God” and thought I knew why HE said it. I did not until now. What does it mean to be married in the eyes of God?

What it means to be married in the eyes of God when you don’t have a marriage certificate and why her father believed this is because there was genuine love between the love of my life and myself. It was the love of holy matrimony in that I accepted her for who and what she was. I cared about her. I had compassion for her. I had unconditional love for her and she had the same for me.

God is that love and since we had the bond of true love, it could be felt by others and it was felt by her father when he said, “You are already married in the eyes of God.”

When you have true Love in your heart, you have upon you the eyes of God within you. I’m not talking about romantic love or the concept of love. I mean real love which is unconditional and has no grievances. When you have this kind of love in you, you are truly God in form.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: The Human Body Is The Hardware; The Soul/Spirit Is...

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: The Human Body Is The Hardware; The Soul/Spirit Is...: It is from my experience existing as a being of the “double realm” that I am aware that my body is a hardware of sorts and my soul is a soft...

The Human Body Is The Hardware; The Soul/Spirit Is The Software

It is from my experience existing as a being of the “double realm” that I am aware that my body is a hardware of sorts and my soul is a software of sorts. First, what is the “double realm” and how did it make me aware that my body is hardware and my soul is software?

The “double realm” is an expression used for the two realms of space and time that the human body exists in AND the now realm that the soul exists in and it is in these two realms that we human souls exist in simultaneously. It seems to me that the human lives in a matrix of space and time giving it the feeling of going from point A to point B which humans call aging. In the now realm, there is no space and time and everything is the Infinite now. This now realm is the realm of the soul. The human body contains a complex of the physical, mental, emotional, soulful and spiritual all at once. However, in order for the body to be, it must have soul. When the soul leaves the body, the body is no longer in the realm of space and time and we call that death. The soul then goes back to the Infinite now and is not dead. It is very alive in the now. In this construct of the “double realm,” the body acts as a vessel for the soul. Like a computer that is made of material objects and is designed to hold electrical currents that create a virtual reality, the body is the material stuff that holds the virtual reality of the soul. It is a complex. You can’t separate the soul from the body and expect the body to function. It’s a  homogeneous unit that all works together just like a computer.

The computer is the hardware and the computer program is the software. The same is true of the human. Our body complex is the hardware and our soul is the software.

 The purpose for being human is to write increasingly more expanded software programs. Please ask yourself, “Who or what writes the expanding awareness software programs of the soul as it has a human experience”?

Monday, January 6, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: There Is No Messiah Or Savior Outside Yourself Com...

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: There Is No Messiah Or Savior Outside Yourself Com...: I’ve been on Earth for millennia, in different bodies of course, experiencing a time in human history when there was no Catholicism, no Chri...

There Is No Messiah Or Savior Outside Yourself Coming to Save You!

I’ve been on Earth for millennia, in different bodies of course, experiencing a time in human history when there was no Catholicism, no Christianity, No Judaism, no Islamism, no Buddhism. Yes, of course there were other isms but not the ones we know in our current society. From my experience, you cannot label the spiritual pursuits of the pre-Christian world as “pagan” as if Christianity modernized the savages on the plains. Humans have always been spiritual but they have not always believed that there was a messiah or some Godly being coming to save them. The idea of a messiah and savior is a concept made up by humans who developed “separation-consciousness.” What does that mean?

“Separation-Consciousness” is the consciousness that humans and God are separate. It believes that God is a man out there somewhere or a concept in a place called heaven and that there is a person, named Jesus, who is God’s son come to Earth. This was made up by people. The true messiah, the true savior is each human being who is endowed with Christ-consciousness and who can do all the things God and a savior can do. Each human is endowed with the ability to walk on water, raise the dead, turn water into wine, create an abundance of food out of one piece of bread, etc.

We humans are our own messiahs, our own saviors. There is no messiah or savior coming to save Earth or it’s people. You must be your own messiah, your own savior. Any savior that comes is telling you that you can save yourself. How do you save yourself? Believe in the God within that you are and take responsibility for your creations, good, bad or indifferent.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: Why Am I A Prosperity Magnet?

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: Why Am I A Prosperity Magnet?: I have been a prosperity magnet all my life. At first, I was an unconscious prosperity magnet because I had no clue how or why abundance alw...

Why Am I A Prosperity Magnet?

I have been a prosperity magnet all my life. At first, I was an unconscious prosperity magnet because I had no clue how or why abundance always arrived in my life. I always identified with being prosperous as something one had to get. I was mistaken. So, why am I a conscious prosperity magnet today?

I am a conscious prosperity magnet today because I am aware that The All That Is Infinite Creator is in me, I am a fractal, a piece of, a cell of it and it’s nature is prosperity, it is a magnet for prosperity and there’s nothing you have to do. You just have to be it. What does that mean, you have to be it?

When I became aware that I was a piece of God and that made me a prosperity magnet because that’s what God is, a prosperity magnet, I had to surrender to, allow, align with, accept and be the prosperity that was already in me. This was a leap of faith, a quantum jump for me as I was trained to believe that God was out there somewhere and that prosperity was something I had to chase, I had to get. I realized that prosperity was something I already was inside and I simply had to be it. It was a 360 degree shift in my mindset to see and believe that I am a prosperity magnet within and I did not have to follow a messiah to get it or be it.

Today, I simply allow the “voice” of God within me in the form of hunches, intuition, gut instincts, psychic alerts, feelings, sensing, to guide me to being prosperous. It’s an on-going process of remembering to let go of the trappings of the ego that demands you work hard instead of working smart. Use implicit intent not explicit intent. Don’t obsess and do accept that YOU are God within yourself and are a prosperity magnet from birth.