When You Pray...Who’s Listening?

For those of you who pray, do you know exactly who’s listening to your prayers? From my experience with being a fractal, a piece of God in human form, I have discovered who’s listening to my prayers. Who is listening then?

From my intimate connection to God, I have found out that when I pray, it is the God within ME who is listening to my prayers and hears them and so my prayers are an intention that the God within me hears and then communicates with the God in everything.

The reality of existence is that God is built into me and you as a human form. It can be seen and felt as the field, the aura around me and you. The light around us is the field, the energy of God that manifests as Light that is conscious, has Beingness in us as God in form, has awareness, has Creative Intelligence and intent.

When we speak to God through our intent, our prayers, that intent gets alerted within our field and the greater field in everything and then begins a process of activation through the subconscious mind and feelings that are part of our human complex that causes us to take action. There is no thing or person answering your prayers. It is you answering you, for you are the God you are praying to...within and without.


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