When A Human’s Awareness Is Cosmic

What happens when a human being’s awareness is of a Cosmic level? First, what does that really mean and second, how does it feel?

I can speak from experience when it comes to having a Cosmic awareness and I can tell you what it means. It seems to me from being Cosmic awareness myself that Cosmic awareness means that an individual has an expanded awareness that has the qualities of Cosmic consciousness. I can say that those qualities are a sense of feeling and being unlimited by Earthly beliefs, a connection to infinite potential, no fear of the void or the unknown, high, empathic sensitivity, unconditional love, deep compassion, high intuition, a strong connection with Spirit, natural common sense and a great sense of humor.

What it feels like to have Cosmic awareness is a feeling of freedom in the ability to see through the limiting aspects of Earth human consciousness that binds them to a much more narrow awareness. One example of limited human Earth awareness is that humans believe they are their bodies when in reality they are Spirit having a physical experience. Earth humans allow themselves to be imprisoned by their low-awareness human nature.

This does not have to be so. There are many practices available to help low-awareness humans to expand their awareness including learning how to look at life lessons as teachings rather than trials. One must learn one’s lessons to expand one’s awareness. Refusal to do so keeps one bound in the repetitive cycles of Earth life. For example, one of the great Earth lessons to expand awareness is forgiveness.


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