The Secret To Having What You Want

The secret to having what one wants, to manifesting abundance, it seems to me, from experience, is imagining what you want as ALREADY real, as that which has ALREADY happened. Why is this real and true?

The use of the human imagination to create abundance is real and true because the human subconscious mind, the driver of creation, does not distinguish between what is perceived of as real and the imagination. What is so-called “real” and the imagination are BOTH true for the subconscious mind. Why then don’t most people have great abundance, have what they want?

The reason most people don’t have the abundance they want is because society has brainwashed them to think the imagination IS NOT REAL WHEN IT IS REAL. What is imagined becomes reality like your physical body. The problem is you’ve accepted “that it’s just my imagination!” This is where people have gone wrong. The imagination is real. Just ask the Walt Disney Company who created a multi-billion dollar empire based on “imagineering.” Did anyone think that Walt Disney’s drawing of a mouse named Mickey would turn into a huge conglomerate? Yet Walt Disney imagined it and it became real. Walt Disney sat with his drawing of a mouse and made it real.

Again, if you can imagine it, it can be made real because the imaginal world is considered just as real as your physical body to your subconscious mind which will create an action plan to make what you imagined come to fruition. Imagine what you want as ALREADY real, ALREADY existing in your reality and you will find it manifesting out of thin air. After all, this physical reality is just a feeling anyway.


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