The “Field” Around Us

There is a “Field” around every animate and inanimate object often called its Aura. I like to call it the Light Body that is a field of consciousness, Beingness and awareness. Why is the field important to be aware of?

From my experience being this “Field” and being able to actually see this Light Body with my physical eyes  around myself and everything around me from lampposts to people, I have come to be aware of the fact that this field is alive, has infinite intelligence, Beingness, consciousness and awareness and once activated by our individual awareness, we can work with it in communicating with that same awareness in EVERYTHING and influencing that field depending on our intention. How does this work?

Very simply, when you are feeling and thinking in a dejected way, your field conveys this feeling to the field in everything around you. What happens is the field around you then comes into an alignment of dejection WITH you and suddenly things happen around you that give you MORE to be dejected about. It is the same for positive feelings and thinking.

If you want to change your experience from a bad one to a good one, change your field. Raise your vibrations from being dejected to being elated and watch how your life experience changes to one of sadness to one of happiness. You only have to get into ALIGNMENT with the field around you that is in everything and every person since this field contains infinite possibilities and does not care if you align with it negatively or positively. It is your choice. If you go around as a grump, you get a life of grumpiness. If you go around with a smile on your face with a happy attitude, the field will deliver that package to your doorstep.

This power to influence the field in us and around us is inherent in everyone and everything from other humans and animals to cars and trees and these things respond to to the state of your field by getting into alignment with it good or bad.


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