The Evangelical Christian Lie Of Killing

Evangelical Christians who say they love God and Jesus, the prince of peace and love seem to be OK with killing as in killing OBGYN doctors because of their Evangelical Christian belief of pro-life. The Evangelical Christians justify their murdering of doctors by saying the OBGYN doctor’s are murdering babies.

What about the murdering by American soldiers of Afghanis, Iraqis and others around the world? What about the murdering of Native Americans that was done by Evangelical Christians in America? What about the murdering of animals? What about the murdering of Mother Earth?  I hear no Evangelical Christian protests against the War in Syria where babies are being murdered. Where are the Evangelical Christian protests against the rising American deficit that is slowing murdering millions of Americans? What is the answer?

I am here to acknowledge that the reason you don’t see Evangelical Christians standing up for what Jesus represented is because Evangelical Christians are hypocrites who don’t follow, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” What they follow is murder thy neighbor if your neighbor doesn’t do as we Evangelical Christians do. These hypocrites point to words in the Bible to allow them to murder.

News bulletin: Jesus did not condone murder for any reason. Stop justifying your murdering based on your interpretation of the Bible. If you murder anyone or anything, you are a murderer and not an Evangelical Christian. Christian comes from Christ. Christ means divine and the one who is divine doesn’t murder OBGYN doctors. Did Jesus?


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