Infinite Creator

Through many years of connecting, understanding, knowing and experiencing with Spirit/God, I have discovered that that which is perceived by myself as God is Infinite Creator. What is the importance of raising this proposition?

The Importance of raising the proposition that Spirit/God is Infinite Creator is that it breaks the bounds of the limited belief that Spirit/God is a man sitting on a throne wearing a white robe, having a long white beard, in the sky above our human heads. I perceive Spirit/God as Infinite Creator meaning that what and where Spirit/God is in every wave and particle of the Cosmos and our human mind cannot conceive of Infinity, therefore, we humans cannot conceive of how large Spirit/God really is. What I mean is that our connotation of Spirit/God is a limited ideation, limited concept as created by our minds which cannot grasp it, so the concept of Spirit/God as we know it is limited, false. How do we humans grasp Spirit/God?

What I have found as the means to grasping what Spirit/God is is to go within my heart, go within my being where a piece of Spirit/God resides and know that I too am Spirit/God in flesh, know that everything in this Cosmos is also Spirit/God. When I look at myself, another human, a tree, an animal, the Earth, the sky, the stars, I am experiencing Spirit/God for Spirit/God is all over, in everything. It is not just in the sky, in a church, in the Bible, in religious iconography. It is the stuff that is creation as made by the Infinite Creator and that is why I treat everything in my life as encountering Spirit/God.

When you desire to have a spiritual experience, look in the mirror, hug a dog, walk in nature, plant a garden. In is in those things that the Infinite Creator is contained.


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